Dilling Heating & Cooling Celebrates New Location!


We talked recently with Michael Gulledge, co-owner and president of Dilling Heating & Cooling, at their brand new location just above Target in Gastonia.

GA: First of all, congratulations on your new Gastonia location and building-it’s beautiful!

Michael: Thank you, we have been at work on this project for almost 2 years, and it’s nice to see it finally become a reality. It gives us a more centralized hub to operate out of, with easy access to the interstate and boulevard. This will allow us to better serve our entire customer base.

GA: So tell us about your management team- are you local guys?

Michael: Yes, my partner, Ed Kijewski and I are both local. I grew up in Belmont and currently live in Cramerton; Ed grew up in Belmont, relocated to Charlotte for a brief time and migrated back to Gaston County.

GA: How long has Dilling Heating & Cooling been in business?

Michael: This year marks our 65th year of being in business, and we are very proud of that!

GA: Looks like your team is growing!

Michael: Yes, we have been fortunate enough to grow our revenue over the last 5 years, which has allowed us to grow our staff. We are very excited to be able to offer more jobs to our community, which enables us to better serve our customers in a very timely fashion.

GA: What kind of equipment do you service?

Michael: We service every brand of equipment that has or is currently being manufactured.

GA: Do you have same day service and seasonal tune-ups?

Michael: We do have same day service, and we make a huge point of always delivering
on that promise to our customers. A breakdown of the heating or cooling system is never going to be a desirable circumstance for a homeowner. We take great pride in being able to serve our customers, same day, in these stressful situations. We do offer seasonal and
general maintenance and also have a maintenance agreement that provides a great value to our customers. Heating and cooling systems need to be maintained regularly just as you would do routine maintenance on your car (like oil changes).

GA: What if I need a new system- what brands do you carry?

Michael: We are able to offer any brand that a homeowner is interested in for a new install. Our main and preferred vendor is Rheem.® We have been partnered with them for two years and are extremely happy with the product and the support we have received from them, allowing us to better support and serve our customers. We sold Lennox® products for over 60 years before this transition, so it was something we definitely took very seriously, but we couldn’t be happier with our decision for the new partnership.

GA: What about financing?

Michael: Financing is a huge part of what we do, and a great benefit to our customers. We are able to provide customers with options anywhere from 12 to 60 months same as cash, as well as longer term options that provide a lower payment option.

GA: What makes you different from your competitors? Why should I do business with you?

Michael: What makes us different is our team and our commitment to our customers. We have worked very hard to surround our company with great and knowledgeable people, and have a very solid team around us now. We have a phenomenal satisfaction rate by accredited platforms such as Google, and our response time to our customers is second to none, all while offering fair and affordable pricing.

To learn more about Dilling Heating & Cooling, visit them online at www.DillingHeating.com.