About Gaston Alive

I just love that little magazine!”

…is what we hear everyday!

It’s very gratifying to have a product that’s so well received. Gaston Alive! has found a special place in the heart of Gaston County readers – that must be why they look forward to each and every issue of Gaston Alive! When we call on new customers, they often are waiting with former issues of Gaston Alive! in their hands or on their desks. As an advertiser you can be sure that your message has “staying power” because Gaston Alive! has such a great shelf life.

* We make you look good! From high quality photography to ad design that works, we make your product or service look it’s most appealing! We print on glossy, heavyweight paper for excellent photo and color reproduction

*We target middle to upper income households-the affluent households that can afford your product or service. We have been constantly revising and improving our mailing list for over six years, so we can safely say that we have the most targeted list of this type in Gaston County.

*According to the results of recent focus groups, the upper end demographic that we mail to as a rule do not receive the Gaston Gazette.

*We mail approximately 18,000 magazines every month. Mailing is much more effective than rack distribution- it makes sure your message gets in the hands of the very best prospects.

*Our publication is a single, stand alone mail piece, and is not part of any other mailer.

*There is no set up fee.

*We primarily target and mail rooftops in southeastern Gaston County-close to your business!

If it would be helpful, we would be glad to do a brief presentation for your local office. Of course, we would be glad to have our current issue sent to your home or office. You can send us an email or chat with us by phone at 704-650-8330.

Our mission is to reflect the spirit of culture, community, and business in Gaston County through exciting features, helpful tips, and consumer-friendly advertisements.