Peach Trifle

Photo Credit: Haithcox Photography

Peaches, peaches! If you live in the Carolinas in late July, you are in peach heaven! Whether you buy them at the grocers, a roadside peach stand, or are lucky enough to pick from you own trees, peaches are a summertime treasure. Here is an easy, quick, cool (no bake) recipe for a spectacular, visually stunning dessert that will have your friends and family asking for more.


Angel food cake
4-6 ripe peaches
1 large box vanilla instant jello
Pudding mix
1 small box french vanilla instant
Jello pudding mix
1 large cool whip
1 to 2 tablespoons of sherry

Break the angel food cake into small pieces and place in bottom of bowl. Spread sherry over top. Cut up the peeled peaches and place on top of the cake pieces. Mix the pudding mixes together according to directions on the box. Pour over peaches and cake pieces. Cover with cool whip, and place in
refrigerator for several hours or overnight. Garnish with peach slices, fresh mint, or other fresh fruit. Other types of in season fruit can be substituted- check Pinterest for tons of Trifle dessert ideas!

Thanks to our good friend and brilliant cook Helen Killian for her “secret” recipe! Enjoy!

By David Hamrick

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