From Pinterest To Finished Design Project


Design Inspiration & Planning

Part 2 of a 2 Part Series:

by Jodi Kines

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Search, don’t browse

When using these resources, spend more time ‘searching’ than browsing. Actually type words associated with your project (like ‘kitchen table’) into the search browser verses simply scrolling through random images. If you let your master plan be your guide and you simply use these sites as resources to help you find specific products and ideas to bring your plan to life, you won’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as if you just meander through the pages admiring random projects and wondering if they could suit your personal environment. This meandering can often lead to the infamous ‘scope creep’ and be a potential waste of your time; after all, who hasn’t gotten lost in the pages of Pinterest only to look up and wonder where the time as gone?)

Move at your own pace

Eliminate unnecessary deadlines. While schedules and timelines are ideal (especially for larger projects), try to give yourself some leeway in the timeline wherever possible. Not having the pressure of a ‘must finish’ date for your project can reduce the amount of stress as well as eliminate poor, quickly-made decisions. Try to finish one space before moving on to the next so you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. With so many wonderful ideas and inspiring images, it can begin to feel like ‘everyone else’ is cranking out one DIY project or fabulous finished space after another! As you’re searching and browsing, try not to get caught up in everyone else’s’ before and after photos! As you are flipping through page after page and screen after screen of beautiful, inspiring spaces, remember – you are looking at a screen full of many individuals’ ONE completed projects; not one person’s enormous list of accomplishments! Don’t feel like you have to tackle too much at one time to keep up; after all, we don’t all have an HGTV crew of resources willing to completely makeover a space in a matter of hours!!

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Be realistic & don’t be afraid to make it your own

Don’t shy away from being honest with yourself. Be realistic about your overall plan, your budget, timeline and even skill set (especially when it comes to DIY projects). Expecting more than is realistic is simply setting yourself up for frustration. Don’t be afraid to embrace the idea that (for many of us) our living spaces will never be ‘complete’ – much like our lifestyles, our space must evolve and grow with our changing needs and personal tastes. Give yourself a break and recognize the individuality of the design process. Your completed DIY project or room may not look exactly like the inspiration, but that doesn’t make it less successful. Give great ideas your own creative, personal twist so that’s it is really ‘yours’ and best suited to your lifestyle and taste. And, ultimately, learn to appreciate an inspirational idea without having to find or recreate it; accept that sometimes it’s just not perfect for you, no matter how amazing or ingenious it seems.

So, enjoy pinning it, sharing it, posting it, and browsing through it! Appreciate the inspiration, but don’t guilt and pressure yourself beyond the point of enjoying all of the visual eye candy available to us in the modern-day, instant age! Chances are, if a stranger walked into your home, they’d see their own list of ‘ah-ha’ projects and begin creating their own mental to-do list as well!Having a plan & associated budget offers a great guide to home improvement and DIY projects, offering you boundaries to make it easier to distinguish ‘great ideas’ from ‘great ideas, perfect for YOUR home’. Knowing the difference can help shrink your to-do list and leave you feeling less overwhelmed and more inspired.