Citrus Salad With Mint And Feta

Citrus Salad

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Wow, Mother’s day at The Farmer’s Fork was fun, as well as a bit stressful. I hope you were among the nearly 150 folks that joined us that morning. I felt it went really well and the folks I got a chance to talk to (when I could escape the kitchen) agreed. Thanks to all of you for coming out, but I have a very special thanks to the crew at The Farmer’s Fork the local producers who supplied such fresh ingredients and especially the unbelievable big W kitchen crew of Chris Warner, Job White and Preston Wilson.
Stay on the lookout for other special events.
The salads we featured were my fresh strawberry which I wrote about last year and a citrus salad with mint and feta which we will cover today. There really is nothing like making a fresh vinaigrette dressing to make a salad special and if you have a blender it only takes a minute or two.
Oranges, Ruby grapefruit , Pink or white or Pomelo grapefruit (you want different colors)
1/2 cup Olive oil or sun flower or other nut oil
1/4 cup White balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup Honey
Salt, white pepper and ground coriander Baby arugula Mint Feta
Using a pairing knife peal the citrus over a bowl removing all the white pith on the outside of the citrus (this is what makes grapefruit bitter). Slice the citrus across the bias creating round slices that resemble a flower. Each slice should be about 1/3″ thick. Save as much of the juice as possible to incorporate into the dressing.
In a blender mix, reserved juice (hopefully about 1/4 cup), honey and vinegar and while the blender is still running incorporate the oil into the mix in a slow drizzle that allows the oil to emulsify (incorporate and thicken) the dressing, season lightly to taste. Create small ribbons of the mint by rolling a few leaves together and slicing very thinly.
To serve place the arugula on the plate, lay the citrus on the bed of arugula, drizzle with the dressing, sprinkle a pinch of the mint ribbons and some feta over top. Light, refreshing and gorgeous, enjoy.
Till next month
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