Fun Paper Beads, You Can Make!


By Deni Shultz


Everyone’s trying to go green this year, so why not try it with everyone’s favorite accessory..


Instead of putting it in a bin… why not use your old newspaper, magazines, wrapping paper,

torn books or even those small pieces of scrap book paper that you don’t  know what to do with,

and recycle it into wearable jewelry! Below are super easy instructions on how to create

paper beads, so easy that it’s even a great project for kids! And with these paper beads …

you can create one of a kind necklaces, earrings or bracelets!!



• Any type of paper (cardboard or cardstock are not great for this project, as it is too thick and

may split or tear while rolling into bead shape, and may be to hard for children to roll)

• Scissors or exacto knife

• Pencil/ Pen

• Ruler

• Needle or toothpick

• Glue such as Tacky Glue or Mod Podge

• Fishing wire or plastic wire, or similar thread

• Surface safe for cutting & gluing



1. On your protective surface, you want to start by measuring a

triangle from one corner to the opposite end of the paper, as

shown in the image to your right.

BEAD SHAPE & SIZE: The shape of your bead is created by

how thin or wide you make your triangle. The wider the bottom

of your triangle the wider your bead. The size of your

bead is also created by how long the strip of paper you make

your triangle on, the longer the strip, the larger the bead becomes.

(If you would like a round flat bead, use thick paper

such as card stock or cardboard)

2. Once you have your triangles drawn out, cut them along the

drawn lines, either with your scissors or your exacto knife.

3. Now you are going to start the construction of creating your actual bead. Use your toothpick or needle,

and start from the thickest part of your stirp, begin rolling it tightly around the toothpick or needle. When

you get to end of the paper, put a small dab of glue and press it down onto the bead, and hold it for a few


4. Once you have created all your beads, string them temporarily onto fishing line or similar wire, and brush

a thin coat of mod podge. Once dry put one more coat and leave for a couple hours to dry.

When the beads are dry you can use them to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, using other beads to accent

them. Use them to create a necklace, bracelet or even earrings!

And remember, as you create your beads, you can experiment, etc.

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