Mother’s Finest

By Ben Dungan
If you are a music fan over the age of 40 and spent some time in the south during your high school and/or early college years, then the name Mother’s Finest has meaning for you.
But for those  of us who may not fit  that category, we apparently missed out on one of the south’s most famous touring bands of all time.  Happily, that all comes to an end when Mother’s Finest takes the stage at the Rotary Centennial Pavilion in Downtown Gastonia on Friday, May 13
For over 30 years, Mother’s Finest has wowed audiences all over the world with their fusion of rock, funk, and soul.  In fact, they are so talented in the way they weave various musical styles together, it’s almost a disservice to try to even label their sound.
And while they had moderate success on the charts, it’s their powerful stage performances that helped cultivate their rabid fan base.
This Atlanta-based band formed in the early 1970s.  It didn’t take long for a major record label to take notice, and by 1973, RCA Records snatched them up and released their debut album, Mother’s Finest.
Mother’s Finest had a string of records in the late 1970s, and could be seen playing all over the country.  They shared the stage with many big-name acts from that era including The Who, Aerosmith, Earth, Wind & Fire, AC/DC, Marvin Gaye, Black Sabbath, The Commodores, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more.
It was only last year when a large group of Mother’s Finest fans descended upon Downtown Shelby to take in a live show from the band.  However, they left disappointed as the event was canceled due to a late-day summer downpour.
But the band is coming back to the area on Friday, May 13.  And for those who grew up seeing them in concert as teenagers, they will get their chance to re-live their misspent youth for one more night.
For more information on Mother’s Finest, including audio samples of their music, visit them online at They are the first of three bands performing at the 2011 Downtown Alive Concert Series in Downtown Gastonia. More details on this concert series can be found online at