A Tribute To The Beatles!


By Ben Dungan

In all of my years, I have never met anyone who has ever disliked the music of the Beatles. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone loves The Beatles.  But I’d like to think the Beatles’ songbook is a lot like Santa’s bag – there’s a gift (or song) for everyone.


That’s the beauty of The Fab Four.  In a short period of time, they churned out timeless music that still resonates with all generations today.  And if you don’t believe me, then I’ll point you to John Tosco.


John Tosco is the owner of the Tosco Music Studio and the president and founding member of Tosco Music Parties, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that produces quarterly music showcases, comprising both professional and amateur musicians.


The Beatles churned out a lot of music in their short time together.  They dabbled in all phases of rock n’ roll from their early bubble-gum pop days to their latter-day experimental drug-induced creations.

These musical ‘parties’ initially started out in his living room, and as a result of their broad appeal, have grown to larger venues in the Charlotte area.

The music parties have been a staple for John Tosco, but the idea of throwing a music party set to the backdrop of all Beatles tunes became a reality in 2004.  And now, seven years later, the Beatles Tribute Night is still rockin’ on.


The venue may change from year to year, but the quality of the music stays the same.

The event continues to grow in size and in scope.  In the last seven years, the location has grown from the small-yet-intimate venue that is The Evening Muse, to the nearly 1200-seat Knight Theater, located in the N.C Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Uptown Charlotte.


John Tosco loves the Beatles.  They are his favorite band.  But that’s not the only reason he chooses to organize a night dedicated to John, Paul, George and Ringo.  The Beatles were and still are one of the few musical acts that have the power to crossover many generations.  People of all ages can find at least one song from their enormous catalog of music that they can agree on.



On this particular evening, there will be 25 performing artists taking their stab at a Beatles classic.  And you can’t forget about the traditional audience sing-alongs that the Tosco Music Parties are known for.


And that’s what makes the Beatles Tribute Night work.  It’s a night of music for the whole family. So, brush up on your favorite Beatles tunes, and get ready to celebrate a night of music with you and 1199 of your closest friends.


I know John Lennon sang, “All You Need Is Love”.  And that may be true.  But sometimes we need a little music too.  You’ll get just that, and more on June 18.



More information on the upcoming Beatles Tribute Night on Saturday, June 18 in Charlotte is available online at www.toscomusicparty.com.