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Country Camping Corner Staff


We are talking to day with Verena Keller, owner of Country Camping Corner in Kings Mountain.

GA: Is it true that this Kings Mountain location was owned by Young RV for many years? And you started with a location in Matthews-is that correct?

Verena: Country Camping Corner was founded in Matthews NC in 1984. In 2013 we purchased the Kings Mountain location from Young RV. When an eminent domain action required our business property in Matthews, we consolidated the operations to the Kings Mountain location where we are able to service the public better.

GA: Your business is really a family affair isn’t it? Your son Richie, daughter Caroline work with you – and you have a “toddler in training” here some days as well?

Verena: Yes. Country Camping Corner is truly a family affair so to speak. Many family members work in the business-even extended family.

GA: So what types of campers do you sell?

Verena: The dealership specializes in towable RVs. That means that we sell Travel Trailer, 5th Wheels and Pop-Up trailers primarily. Occasionally we have used Motor Homes for sale.

GA: Campers seem to be very popular now- why is that?

Verena: Camping is a lifestyle that has made a comeback especially in the last few years. With all the modern conveniences in the campers these days families can enjoy the outdoors without roughing it.

Country Camping Corner Staff

GA: How are your customers using their campers?

Verena: Our customers enjoy short and long trips from weekend get-a-ways to full time RVing. Once they discover the lifestyle, they will not easily give it up. They enjoy having their own home away from home traveling to National Parks and local lakes and more.

GA: Do customers use campers any other way?

Verena: Sometimes customer purchase campers because their job is taking them out of town and they do not want to move the family, or their job is temporary. Also, sometimes customers purchase a camper for living quarters for a family member.

GA: What if I don’t know much about RV’s or camping- can you help me get started?

Verena: Then you are at the right place. Our sales team is trained to find out which camper would suit the customer best. Many times, we can show options the customer has not thought about. We also make sure that the customer learns how to operate the camper properly for years of enjoyment.

GA: Do you have a large inventory, and also, do you offer financing?

Verena: Country Camping Corner has one of the largest towable inventories in the southeast. We stock from very small to very large and all price ranges. Financing is available on all of our units for qualified buyers. Our financing team will find the right loan for the customer if required.

GA: Do you have a service department?

Verena: The service department is equipped to service any RV. Our RV technicians can make it so much easier for anybody to own an RV.

GA: Do you offer any other services?

Verena: Country Camping Corner also offers storage, long and short term.

GA: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to a customer on a camping trip?

Verena: One of our customers not long ago forgot to come home. They enjoyed camping so much they totally forgot to check out of the campground.

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