Publishers Pick – July 2014

Publishers pick 2Kim Johnson has experienced her share of working her way through the ranks as she is now serving as Gaston’s County’s first female Chief Deputy second in command under Sheriff Alan Cloninger.

With the advice of her mom, Kim started her career 24 years ago at the age of 19. She started there for the benefits, but Kim’s parents did not realize that she would end up benefiting her community in such a powerful way. Kim has worked her way through the Sheriff’s office, from clerical assistant to detention officer, and quickly through the ranks by proving herself in every position. Sheriff Alan Cloninger stated, “Kim Johnson has earned the promotion from Assistant Chief Deputy to Chief Deputy of the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office. She has earned the respect not only of the personnel of the office, but also throughout the state as one of the top Jail Administrators in any Sheriff’s Office. Chief Johnson possesses the leadership qualities, integrity and compassion to help me in providing protection, effective and efficient law enforcement service to all people of Gaston County.”

Kim has been the Jail Administrator for the past 10 years and describes the experience as “rewarding and challenging.” There is never one day that is the same as the other and she loves that about her job. Kim has witnessed some inmates go from behind bars to college, while others become repeat offenders.

Police work is in the family. Her husband, Gary Johnson, currently serves as a Sergeant with the Gastonia City Police department. Kim is not short of fans in her family. “Kim is a wonderful woman, who is dedicated to her family, loyal to her friends and committed to her career. She is very hard-working and is driven to be her best at anything she does. Kim has a very tough and strong outer shell, but she has a tender and caring heart. She cares for people and is always helping those in need, but seeks no credit or attention for it. Kim is genuine and I think that is why people like her so well,“ said Gary.

Publishers pick 1Kim is one tough cookie. Just by hearing her southern drawl and seeing her no nonsense personality, one would conclude that she is the epitome of the cliché “dynamite comes in small packages.” Having the pleasure of knowing her on a personal level makes this Publisher’s Pick so much more meaningful. She is a mom to Nick, age 11, a wife, friend and a respected professional woman. I admire her and the job she does for our community. Join me and Gaston Alive! Magazine in congratulating Kim on a job well done when passion, hard work and loving what you do pays off. It pays off for the citizens of Gaston County knowing that Kim holds such a position. We are fortunate to have Kim and Gaston Alive! Magazine salutes her for her commitment and dedication to our community. Keep up the “Goode” job and more power to girl power!

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