Barre Workout Method

In the 1950s Lotte Berk, a ballet dancer, developed her own method of exercise. With the help of an osteopath, she developed a series of exercises that concentrated on building “core stability.” Similar to Pilates and yoga, her system focused on targeting specific areas of the body for strength and flexibility.

The originator of all the barre exercise programs, Lotte Berk’s unique body shaping workout included strength training, orthopedic exercises for the back, and elements of dance. The goal was an “ultimate body transformation.”

M2M_PUZZLE_LOGOToday the bar method incorporates modern exercise and sports science with techniques in muscular development. Following an initial warm-up, the workout progresses into concentrated movements, deep muscle conditioning, and stretches that tone, define, and lengthen muscles. The result is a firm, shapely body in its most optimal form: sculpted legs, chiseled arms, flat abdominals, and a lean, defined waistline. Classical ballet barres, small weights, resistance bands, and exercise balls are used to achieve the streamlined physique of a dancer.

Students can expect to develop improved posture, balance, coordination and endurance with this intense no-nonsense workout. Set to upbeat music, classes are challenging, efficient and invigorating. Like all forms of mind/body exercise, the purpose of barre work is to maintain optimal health and physical fitness.

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