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In and out of the office.. Meet Farid Hanachi

GA! First – Who is Farid Hanachi?
Farid: I was born in Iran and my family highly valued school and advanced education. I left my home country at age 22 in pursuit of higher education and a better life. I worked very hard and finished my education with multiple honors. I graduated from LSU and lived part of my education in New Orleans, where I met my best friend and love of my life. We have now been married for 18 years and have three children. I enjoy being part of my patients’ journeys to a beautiful smile and being able to help them feel better about themselves. On the weekends if I get a chance to be outdoors, then I consider myself lucky and blessed.

tire photoGA! Education was important to your family and for you coming to the United States. Tell us about your education and what brought you to Gastonia, NC.
Farid: I received my undergraduate degree in three years and I graduated Cum Laude. Then, I immediately started dental school and for the next four years, in addition to dental education, I was involved in advanced clinical research. One of the main projects that I was involved in was the foundation for one of the groundbreaking devices that we use in our field today. In 1991 I graduated from dental school and started my specialty education. In May of 1993 I finished my education and exactly five days after graduation, I took over a full time practice in Asheville for an orthodontist who had fallen victim to a tragic accident. Leaving my home in Charlotte at 5 AM, I traveled to Asheville to work three days a week and then back to Pineville, where I started and built my first practice. During this time I taught a class at CPCC and opened my practice in Gastonia in 1994. I went on to open a third location in the University area and an office in Mooresville in 2003. I currently operate 3 locations to serve my patients – Gastonia, University area, and Mooresville.

GA! How do you manage it all?
Farid: My staff is my biggest asset. They travel with me to each location every day. They are extremely friendly and compassionate. The golden rule in my office is treat people the way you want to be treated. They enjoy what they do, and it shows.

GA! From our cover shot we can see you are an outdoorsman. What are your hobbies?
Farid: At the age of 49 I decided to start running. I was shopping in Trader Joe’s and noticed the store Run for Your Life next to it. At that moment I decided I wanted to start running. Thirteen months later I ran my first half marathon. Since that time my wife, Saghar, and I have completed many 5K and 10K runs, as well as the Spartan race. I also enjoy both road and mountain biking, kayaking on Mt. Island Lake and the Catawba River, and currently have a black belt in taekwondo.

GA! What is your best quality as an Orthodontist?
Farid: My top quality is my personality. I get to know all of my patients and ensure that I see them at each of their visits. I make it a point to know something about each patient, the family, and their hobbies. No one here is known by “Buddy”, “Big guy” or “Sport”. My office has the “Cheers” philosophy.. “Everybody Knows Your Name.” I read somewhere that it is not a job if you love what you do. I can truly say that I do not have a job!

Hanachi staff

GA! Having braces as an adult seems much more common now. Why is that?
Farid: I receive referrals from local dentists for both children and adults. Adults need orthodontic treatment for various reasons. Many adults needed braces as a child, but parents could not afford them. Adults are starting to feel more comfortable wearing braces. You are never too old to feel good about yourself. To date my oldest patient is 82 years old, and it makes me smile to know I made a difference in this patient’s life.

GA! Is there a patient story that stands out to you?
Farid: Yes. When I took over the full time practice after graduation, I remember being excited to tell an adult patient she was ready to have her braces taken off. Much to my surprise, she began to cry. I remember her saying, “Before I had braces I was an introvert. Since having them I am more confident and more of an extrovert. My braces have become a part of my life.” This patient was one to remember!

GA! What makes you the right choice for someone seeking Orthodontist care?
Farid: I stay up-to-date on the latest development in the field of orthodontics and keep up with continuing education. We offer a variety of options for our patients, we try to be flexible with our scheduling to accommodate our patients’ busy lives, and we work with our patients to reduce the burden of the cost of orthodontic treatment. We file insurance for our patients and offer private rooms, where everyone feels welcome and parents can go back with their kids. We manage our schedule to avoid long waiting times for our patients. We understand that time is valuable and many of our patients and families are managing busy lifestyles.

GA! From the moment you walk through the door of Hanachi Orthodontics you feel comfortable. The atmosphere is professional, upbeat and friendly. After spending time in the office, it was clear to me why patients travel from as far as New York, Alabama and Canada to receive treatment from Dr. Hanachi and his staff. Smile by Hanachi is the slogan, and everyone in the office is smiling. The warmest smile of them all is Dr. Hanachi’s!

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