The Talented Folks At Talley Properties


Property Owner Or Looking To Rent? Meet The Nice Folks At Talley Properties

Gaston Alive recently spent some time with Tony and Cathy Moore at their great new offices and also toured some gorgeous historic properties that they manage for clients.

GA!: In the South we always have to start with where you’re from and who you are related to…
Tony: Cathy grew up near Baltimore, Maryland and has over 19 years of accounting experience. I grew up in Lincolnton NC and Graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1994 with a BS in Business Management.
Cathy and I met my first day out of college at a Gastonia company I was coming to work for. She was visiting at a seminar with the company she worked for and the rest is history. We have been married for 17 years and have 2 daughters, Melissa and Makenzie and have lived in Gaston County for over 14 years.

GA!: For those of us in the dark- can you explain simply what you do at
Talley Properties?
Cathy: We manage all types of rental properties…everything from single family homes, condos, townhomes, apartment buildings and commercial properties in Gastonia and the
surrounding counties.

GA!: Who uses your services?
Tony: We have clients all over the world that own property in this area. Some are investors who have bought homes in this area and some are people who have had to move and did not want to or could not sell their home.

GA!: What services does Talley Properties provide?
Tony: Talley really handles everything that happens with the property but there are several core components that we feel are the most important. Accounting and reporting is really at the heart of our service. Full accounting for income and expenses and detailed reporting to our owners is critical.

The other key part is all of protecting the owner’s interests in a property. That entails knowing all of the details of the different properties, all the applicable laws, and making sure the maintenance and all the issues are taken care of.

GA!: Why would I pay to have my property managed?
Tony: Because the benefits of professional management relieve you of the headaches you can experience…such as placing qualified tenants, evicting tenants, and repairs…at all hours of the day or night, weekends and holidays.

GA!: So if I’m an investor that has 20 properties or an apartment building, can you help me?
Cathy: Talley has experience managing everything from apartment buildings, single family homes, commercial properties, to office buildings. If you own property and want to lease it but don’t want the headache of managing it, we have the experience to take care of all the details.

GA!: What if I am being transferred and can’t sell my house; can you help me rent it?
Tony: Yes. A large part of our business is helping folks that have to move and do not want to or are having trouble selling their home.

GA!: How did you guys get into the property management business?
Tony: I grew up in a family that owned rental property and have worked with rentals most of my life. Cathy and I owned rental property through the late 90s and early 2000s but sold it off when we came to Talley.

GA! What if I need a place to rent in the Belmont, Cramerton or Gastonia areas?
Cathy: They can always check the website at or call us at 704-332-2206.

GA! What is the funniest or most unusual thing that has happened to you
in your business?
Tony: There is rarely a dull moment in property management. We have managed properties through fires, floods, storm damage, cars running into houses, bugs, snakes, skunks…and even reports of ghosts. Pretty much anything you can imagine that can come up, through the years and we have seen it…and many times
at 2 or 3 O’clock in the morning.

GA! If you couldn’t be in the business you are in, what would be your “other” dream career?
Cathy: I would like to be a guide at Disney World.
Tony: I have always been fascinated by architecture, and would like to be an architect. I
especially love the old buildings, the facades, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail that went into their construction.

Talley Properties
2716 Westport Road • Charlotte, NC 28208 ph: 704.332.2206 • fx: 704.332.2209

By David Hamrick