Cooking With The Glenn’s-Chocolate Frangelico Fondue

It was my anniversary last month and so it got me thinking about sexy foods to serve for special occasions–or at least food traditionally thought of as sexy or an aphrodisiac.
Of course everyone thinks of oysters and champagne, but what about garlic? Yes, garlic is considered an aphrodisiac because it increases blood flow.  Perhaps two lesser known on the list are ginger and saffron.  Both have a direct effect on the body’s erogenous zones and even behave in the body like actual hormones.
The recipe today focuses on chocolate, another well established love food. So, plan your evening with care, perhaps starting with the champagne and oysters, a nice garlicky Italian meal or maybe something more along the lines of an Asian or Indian main course, topped off with a chocolate fondue. Irresistible and a recipe for certain success!
The mere smell of real cocoa actually has an immediate effect on brain chemistry. Chocolate chips have lots of additional ingredients that help them keep their shape, so I would recommend the finest chocolate you can get your hands on for the best results.
A few tips before we begin . . . Milk chocolate has a lower melting point and can burn above 110 degrees.  Dark chocolate (which contains more cocoa) is more heat tolerant and will go to 115 degrees.
Chocolate Frangelico Fondue
§  3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
§  1 pound semisweet chocolate, chopped (or dark with a bit of sugar, if preferred)
§  1/4 cup Frangelico liqueur  (optional, but wonderful)
§  Dippers: cookies or pound cake, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, etc.
Start with a heavy bottomed sauce pan; heat the whipping cream to a light boil; immediately remove from the heat; and, stir in chocolate until melted.  Next, add the Frangelico. After the ingredients are mixed, place in a fondue pot, or any other small warmer (butter warmer), on low.  Or, serve immediately in a warmed bowl with your favorite dippers.
Of course, the dippers always taste better when they’re fed to you by your dinner companion.  Hopefully it will be an evening to remember.
Ciao, Glenn and Glenn