Matter Of Fact-By Ben Dungan

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I’m a great believer in luck and I find t he harder I work, the more I have of it.”
Now Thomas Jefferson may not have been a musician or even played in a band, but this quote can easily apply to those who aspire to make it in the music business.  You can have all of the talent in the world, but if you don’t have the work ethic to go with it, it seems to fall a little flat.
So it could be said that the boys from the Mooresville-based band, Matter of Fact are either lucky or good.  Either way, positive things are happening to this musical-quartet that describes their sound as “high-energy experimental blues-rock”.  In just over four years, they have logged over 400 performances.
Just last month, they submitted the winning song in the WSGE 30th Anniversary Song Competition.  As a result, their winning song, “The Waiting Game”, is featured on the radio station’s 30th Anniversary Compilation CD featuring other area musicians such as David Childers, Robin Rogers, Gigi Dover, and more.
But that wasn’t all that happened last month.  In addition to winning WSGE’s 30th Anniversary Song Competition, the band got to play in front of their largest crowd yet.  They got to play to all the NASCAR fans at the C harlotte Motor Speedway right before the start of the Bank of America 500.
Making a living in the music business wasn’t the plan in the beginni ng. It wasn’t until they hooked up with Rusty Barkley from the Part Time Blues Band that things began to change.  The band began to transition from being a cover band to a band that wrote and performed their own songs.
Rusty saw something special in the band, and has continued to help get them noticed by area clubs and venues.  In fact, a big turning point for the band was when they were given an opportunity to play a benefit concert at the suggestion of Rusty Barkley.  The audience was blown away by their performance.  That’s when the guys knew they had something speci al.
The band has the talent and the work ethic to make a living in the music business.  With a full-length album in the works for 2011, it’s clear that big things are in store for Matter of Fact.
To learn more about Matter of Fact and to hear their winning song “The Waiting Game”, visit them online at