I am a child of the 80s-by Ben Dugan

Or maybe they were just born in a different generation.
Whether you love 80s music or you hate it, it’s undeniable that it existed.  An entire generation of impressionable youth were raised on its brand of Bubblegum pop and overly-synthesized sounds.
For some folks, the sounds of the 80s was just plain awful.  To me; well, it was the soundtrack to my youth.
And even though I was raised on a steady diet of 80s music, I think it’s encouraging for people to know that it didn’t ruin me musically.  I am still able to enjoy all sorts of musical styles and sounds.  I can even appreciate the disco movement.
But for some reason, when the weather gets warm, and the swimming pool opens, my thirst for that 80s music reappears.  It’s like clockwork.
I tend to think certain sounds and styles of music go better at certain times of the year than others.  Let’s face it.  Christmas music sounds better when it’s cold and dreary outside.  For me, 80s music blaring out of a giant boom box screams summer to me.
That’s the beauty of music.  Not only can it be enjoyed in the present, but some tunes have a way of taking us back to simpler times.
That simple time for me was summer.  For nearly ten weeks out of the year, I had nothing to do and nowhere to be.
That’s a far cry from the present day where I have usually have a to-do list a mile long and not enough time to complete a quarter of it.
Life is funny.  When you’re young, you have all the time in the world.  You just don’t have the money.  And when reach adulthood, you swap your time for the money.
At least there is a steady abundance of music, regardless of how much money or time you have.  music is free, no matter how much money or time you have.
But if I want relive those times, it doesn’t take much.   Find me a pool and some 80s music.  And then, for just a little while, summer is the way I remember it.