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Publishers Letter – April 2014

What if we could put things off to a future time, such as paying bills, aging or the dreaded tax season?

Embrace life…

Your moments today are your memories tomorrow.

Publisher’s Letter – February 2014

It is my firm belief that print prompts the reader into action to make a purchase through a call, or to visit a website or store.

Celebrating Our 100th Issue!

You may have noticed the ”Our 100th Issue” graphic on the upper right corner of this month’s cover. There is a story that goes with that.


Old Trucks & Air Conditioning

WORDS BY BEN DUNGAN It was completed in 1985, but they sold it as a “1986 model”. I didn’t get it until 1993 - the...

Make Your Home Your Happy Space During Quarantine!

WORDS BY BRIE HAYES Now perhaps more than ever our homes have become our sanctuaries. Our normally busy lives have slowed down and...

Mother’s Day…& Burger Nuggets

WORDS BY BEN DUNGAN The fact that National Burger Month and Mother’s Day share the same month is purely acoincidence. If it were up to...

Dilling Heating & Cooling Celebrates New Location!

We talked recently with Michael Gulledge, co-owner and president of Dilling Heating & Cooling, at their brand new location just above Target...

Strawberry Muffins With Sweet Crumb Topping

WORDS BY SHELBY WILSON These strawberry muffins are perfect. The muffins are packed full of the perfect strawberry bites, and are delicious for breakfast, brunch, or...