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Renaissance Builder’s Portfolio

I have always been intrigued and had an appreciation for timeless design and architecture.

Being An Effective Entrepreneur

We have recently come to the realization that to be an effective entrepreneur, you must not only have a healthy and ever developing mind and spirit, but also a healthy body.

The Power Of Ideas

Your most powerful resource in business is your very own mind and imagination.

Four Key Elements To A Successful Endeavor

For any endeavor to succeed, four key elements must be taken into equal consideration.

“Law of Recognition”

Anyone unrecognized becomes uncelebrated. Anyone uncelebrated becomes unrewarded. Anyone unrewarded will eventually exit your life.

Success In Honoring-by Preston Wilson

There is an ancient principle that ensures wealth and success that I seldom see applied in our current day and time.


The Moon Rises Over Belmont

BELMONT, NORTH CAROLINA – On average, the moon sits a whopping 226,000 miles away from the Earth. But this autumn,...

Belmont Trolley rolling forward

The Belmont Trolley is full steam...

Summer Peach Galette

This peach galettte is easier to make than a pie, and is a crispy, buttery summer treat! You can also use any...

An unexpected blessing…

by Debi Cloninger McDaniel I did something good today. I went uptown to the celebration honoring professional football...

Gaston County football schedules

It's only July, but that means August and football season is just around the corner. Maybe it will...