North Main Kava Bar


Quote:”North Main Kava Bar is getting close to opening… hoping for December 7th!!

A bit of information!! We are located in Lowell, NC.. right downtown.This is an alcohol free establishment, with a bar atmosphere…. we do not serve food; However we do serve kava, kratom, and coffee. What is kava? It’s a great alternative to alcohol, and tends to be relaxing, but without a mind altering experience. It is in the tea/ coffee family. Originating in Fiji, a group will drink the kava, out of coconut shells. They cheer with the word “Bula” before drinking. Kratom originates from Southeast Asia. It is also in the coffee family. While kratom is controversial, with some saying you can get addicted, this is not my experience. It has helped me to get through an almost 3 year cancer battle. Kratom helps with pain, and lifts your outlook, as well as gives you energy. Either of these can be drank traditionally, or made as mocktails. Watch for pictures to come of the bar.
 If Kava or kratom is not your thing, we also serve traditional drip coffee, and the more special French press or pour over method, highlighting our coffee from Fiji”. Unquote.

Here at GA we don’t know anything about Kava or Kratom, just a  regular old cuppa joe will do for us. Here at GA we are not advocating for or against use of Kratom or Kava, we are just letting readers know that this establishment is close to opening. Readers should use their own judgement before consuming any of these products, as sensitivity, medical conditions, and prescription drugs taken may vary by person.You can read the Johns Hopkins take on Kratom here.. Both Kava and Kratom are currently legal in the U.S..