Gaston County Schools payroll issues continue…


Unfortunately, we are still  hearing complaints from friends and on Facebook posts about continued problems with payroll issues for Gaston County teachers.Last Friday was payday for Gaston County school employees. 

Here’s a quote from a local teacher ” I am honestly terrified for tax season to roll around. I’m anxious about my checks and the county not deducting correct taxes from my checks. I’m scared I will owe an amount that I won’t be able to pay back sensibly.”. And another ” This shouldn’t be a burden for anyone… other profession would tolerate what they are doing….and little is being said… Accountability….Accountability….when is enough, enough?! “.

Gaston Alive contacted Pam Miller, President of the Gaston NCAE. This was her response; “Payroll issues are ongoing in Gaston County Schools. Some people were short $300 or $400 dollars. Many people had money deducted from their checks for their Flexible Spending Account but the money was not placed in their accounts.  Also our retirement accounts are not up to date because the files the district sends to our retirement system has errors.It’s just a big mess. While we appreciate all the efforts being made to correct these issues, we are out of patience! I personally appreciate each person who is trying to solve the problems. However we are losing great employees because they cannot trust the payroll system.”

At the end of January, the District transitioned from their old payroll system to a new Oracle system. CherryRoad Technologies was the vendor. A customer service team was to have visited all of the district’s schools by the end of October.