Camelot Meadows Event Venue Coming to Belmont


We are talking today with Deborah Baxa, owner of the new Camelot Meadows Event Venue.

GA: We are excited about your new venue- what a great addition to Belmont and Gaston County! How did this project come about?

Deborah: I lost my husband, Lt. Col. Dr. Mark Baxa, to brain cancer 3 years ago. He was a longtime resident of Belmont, a respected surgeon, and an Air Force veteran. He was also a longtime supporter and benefactor of Holy Angels/Camp Hope; he even shared this land he loved with them. As part of his legacy and in tribute to his hard work and preservation of this land, I feel it is important to share it with the community. There are so many “hidden gems” on this property that most people aren’t aware of. It is a magical place….a “sanctuary” in Belmont.

GA: The main building is very rustic and charming….great for weddings and other events.

Deborah: Yes, the building will be beautiful and there will also be a rustic cabin nearby. I was fortunate to work with a company called Legacy Post and Beam, to create an amazing custom design. I will be able to host all types of events, and the property can adhere to social distancing if necessary. I plan to host some events gratis, for the community and organizations that are near and dear to my heart. Both buildings will leave a small footprint on the property, so most of it will be preserved as pasture land and kept natural. With all of the development going on in Belmont, it is important to preserve this “green space” for the nearby residents and the community.

GA: You are also located on Lake Wylie, and have a barn and horses on the property…what a beautiful setting!

Deborah: I love being on the water, and there is nothing better than watching the beautiful sunsets on the lake. There are several horses on the property, with a majority of them being “rescue horses”. I am blessed to be able to offer these gentle souls a safe and spacious home. With the horses, my goal is to provide equestrian therapy on site. Other unique features of the land include a honey bee crop, an amazing bamboo forest, a natural stream with large boulders that runs to the lake, and a herd of goats for weed control!

GA: When will the venue be ready for rental?

Deborah: That’s a good question. The venue and cabin materials are ready to be transported here from Nebraska, and assembled. Once I can get started, it won’t take long, but there are access issues I am still working on with regard to where the buildings will be erected. It is a challenging property because it is bordered on one side by single family homes which I don’t want to disturb, and there is also a Duke Energy transmission line I need to work around. I am trying to accomplish this while preserving the agricultural uses and space occupied by the horses. I have the support of the community leaders both in Belmont and Gaston County, but need the support of the community and the cooperation
of Holy Angels to make this happen. I am often contacted by land developers wanting to purchase the land for a multi-family housing development. But to me, I need to do everything possible to preserve this precious green space and protect it out of respect to my husband’s desire to keep it rural for the neighbors and the community.

GA: What about accommodations on the property, and nearby hotels?

Deborah: I will have the cabin available, and I have also met with local vendors and hotel
representatives; both new and existing. They have given me their endorsement and look forward to providing accommodations, transportation and venue support.

GA: What is the smallest and largest crowd that is appropriate?

Deborah: I can accommodate up to 250 guests inside the venue, and more with additional tents and canopies. If needed I can comfortably provide space for social distancing.

GA: Do you have a list of preferred vendors, i.e. caterers, photographers, etc.?

Deborah: Yes, I have drafted a Preferred Vendor List which will be finalized soon. I want to feature local vendors and businesses. Not only will they benefit, but this land also provides a home for the local beekeepers that have set up their hives here, and I was pleased that I could offer my bamboo shoots as food. The bamboo that was harvested fed over 150 people.

GA: I am interested- what do I need to do?

Deborah: Help me get my story out so I may secure reasonable access. Please email me for more information: [email protected] Also, please spread the word and sign up for status updates on my website. I will post anticipated opening dates and will be hosting several open houses: Thank you. It is a privilege to be a part of this community.

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