Belmont Capital Advisors Says Welcome Home!


When you enter the doors of 123 N Main Street in Belmont, you will likely first notice the decor, the pleasant scents, and the cozy fabrics placed throughout the entry that all come together to make you feel as though you’re walking into someone’s home. And, in a sense, you are. Welcome to Belmont Capital Advisors.

JoePat Roop, Founder and President, of Belmont Capital Advisors founded the firm just over 10 years ago. He chose Belmont exactly for the reasons most financial professionals would have avoided the location, instead opting for faster-paced, larger-pond areas like Charlotte. JoePat knew the type of person he wanted to help – someone looking to build memories, not monuments; someone looking to learn the ways they can plan for and enjoy retirement; someone who prefers genuine conversation over high-pressure sales tactics.

Belmont’s laid-back, small town atmosphere provided the foundation for the beginnings of Belmont Capital at 32 N Main Street. The company opened its doors to the one room, 12’ x 12’ office to employ 1 (and a half) employees in 2009. The guiding principle was to listen to folks as they shared their lifestyle goals and then provide them with a simple plan to accomplish those goals.

As straightforward as that may seem, it worked. The very next year, 2010, Belmont Capital relocated to 217 Glenway Street to occupy a larger space which would accommodate the now 10 employees. In a new building with new faces, the focus of the firm remained laser-sharp and steady. They continued to build ways to share information to help educate people approaching retirement on how to best position themselves to ensure they would indeed be able to live a lifestyle consistent with their desires and comforts.

Over time, that approach to business continued to reap results. Belmont Capital’s informed clients were able to reach their retirement goals by following the plans they crafted with knowledgeable advisors. Which led them to share those success stories with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Which led an even larger group of people to come by to chat with the financial advisors on Glenway. In 2017, Belmont Capital had to move yet again to make space for a continually growing staff. JoePat wanted to find a place that would fit the needs of his company while ensuring clients felt comfortable, welcomed, and relaxed. Tall, sterile buildings, like those found in Charlotte, wouldn’t cut it. When the house at 123 N Main Street became available, it seemed to be the perfect fit. Three years later, it’s proven to be so.

Belmont Capital now has a staff of 20 people, including one client who believed so much in the approach of the company that he asked for a part-time position so he could share what he had learned with others. Their mission of education over pressure has not changed. In fact, thanks in part to evolving technology, they’re able to share information with more people using more mediums than ever.

Current educational approaches include:

  • Workshops. During any given month, 3 advisors will host complimentary educational workshops around the area. They select locations that are easy to get to and choose times to fit their clients’ schedules.
  • Articles. JoePat has published articles on taxes in retirement and other topics of importance in places like Forbes and Kiplinger’s.
  • A weekly radio show. Retire(Meant) for Living airs on WBT 1110 AM or 99.3 FM on Saturdays from 1 to 2p.m. Some of the guests on the show have included Jocko Willink, Brad Paisley, Tim Tebow, and Patrick Kelly.
  • Television. JoePat has also made regular appearances on WBTV. One Page Income Plan. This is the signature educational pillar for Belmont Capital. Rather than drafting overly-complicated financial plans, they keep things simple, actionable, and easy to understand.

“Memory money is something we talk to all of our clients about because at the end, all you have to hold are memories. It’s our job to ensure you have the money you need to make good ones.” JoePat talks often about memory money on his radio show, and it’s a central focus when he sits down to chat with clients.

Ms. Kim, the first face you’ll see as you walk through the front door, helps clients have experiences with Belmont Capital by arranging an annual trip to Biltmore Estate at Christmas, coordinating appreciation events, and hosting outings to ball games, golf courses, and more.

Each advisor, each team member of Belmont Capital is dedicated to the concept that simple is best. They approach their work with an understanding that they are there to help clients meet their retirement goals. Whether they’re running IT tasks, coordinating workshops, answering phones, or conducting educational workshops, the simpler they can communicate complex ideas, the better off their clients will be.

JoePat’s vision for the company has led to 10 years of continual growth, satisfied clients, and engaged, long-term employees. “We’re here to help ensure retirees have income for life,” said JoePat. “It’s as simple as that.”

To learn more about Belmont Capital Advisors, Inc., visit them online at