A New Gallery & A New Painting!

GA: Jay – congrats on the new gallery-it’s beautiful!
Jay:  Thanks.  This gallery is finally designed to be a gallery space.  We are able to display almost double what we did in our last gallery.  So we are really excited.
GA: How exciting to have the new Abraham Hunter painting- tell us about that?
Jay:  It is such a still peaceful reminder of the beauty of Christmas in such a hustle and bustle time of year.  This new painting is visual relaxation by letting you breathe and enjoy this special season.
GA: How did the new painting come about?
Jay: Abraham is not only an amazing talent but a great guy.  He was here last year and saw the lights are really wanted to paint something in town.  We tossed around a couple of ideas before he decided on the one we have.
GA: What other artist do you feature now in addition to Thomas Kinkade?
Jay: We now feature three other artists in addition to Thomas Kinkade.  They are: Robert Finale, Mark Keathley and Abraham Hunter.
GA: What has been the reception of the new artists?
Jay:  We chose these three artists in particular after hearing from other galleries across the country of not only how well they complemented Kinkade’s work, but of the excitement and emotion these new works can evoke.
GA: How would someone get started collecting paintings?
Jay:  It is as simple as coming into the gallery and see which paint speaks to you.  We have a wider selection to view and choose from in the new gallery.
GA:  What are some of your favorites and what has been really popular?
Jay:  On of my favorites is Abraham’s painting called “Never Forsaken”. It reminds us all that no matter how difficult can be, Jesus never forsakes us.  We have been told be many people how this painting has helped them through some very rough times.
GA: What price range item and art do you have available, say for holiday gifts?
Jay:  We have postcards starting at .75 all the way up to a few thousand with many price points in between.  Some of the limited edition art is less than $500 and right now through Christmas if you spend more than $400 on Thomas Kinkade art, you get a free $89 Gallery wrap.
Also, we are expanding our hours for December.  We will be open Monday – Saturday noon-8pm.