Building Is A Labor Of Love


GA: I know you have built a lot of high end houses, but also do smaller homes and remodeling…
Greg: Yes, we mostly only focused on new home construction before 2008; however when the economy crashed in 2008 we had to transition to other areas of construction and since that time have grown to strive in all areas of construction including new homes, entire home remodeling, kitchen remodels bath remodels, finishing basements, building decks and building detached garages.

GA: Folks love to hang out in the kitchen- what’s going on with kitchens right now?
Greg: It seems since 2008 that many homeowners have decided to keep their current homes and most of the time have lived in their homes for more than 20 years and want to modernize their kitchens, most clients choose new cabinetry with self closing drawer and door hardware, a new trend seems to be more colored cabinets than stained cabinets, clients are tired of having formica countertops and want new granite or quartz countertops with ceramic tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances are very popular at this time, there are many diferent styles of ceramic tile and engineered hardwoods and people are tired of their old vinyl floors and want new ceramic tile floors or engineered hardwood flooring in their kitchens. Other popular items are recessed lighting, undercounter lighting, pendant lights over sinks, bar and island areas of the kitchen.


“We hired Dimmer and Sons Construction to enclose our screened in porch and completely remodel our kitchen. We chose them because they were the original contractors that built our house and we loved the craftsmanship and quality of their work. They managed all of our change requests in a very helpful and engaging manner. Even better they delivered everything under budget and almost two months ahead of the requested finish date. We would highly recommend them for any work you are considering for your home.”

–Bryan and Alison


GA: I have seen some of the gorgeous bathroom remodels you have done- what’s popular in bathroom remodels?
Greg: Since many home owners have decided to stay in their existing homes and have lived there more than around 20 years the bathrooms become a focus because the color of fixtures become out dated, tubs and shower finishes fade or crack, fixtures begin to leak. I see that homeowners want larger showers that are ceramic tile instead of fiberglass, homeowners are trending more towards removing existing garden or whirlpool tubs to gain more space if there is still another tub in other bathrooms in the house, most new vanities are 36” tall instead of the exisitng vanities that are only 32” tall, clients want granite countertops with porceline undermount sinks, new styles of ceramic tile floors instead of the old vinyl floors or out dated floor tiles.

GA: I know you build or remodel outdoor decks…
Greg: The spring and summer time is a very busy time for us building new decks for homeowners. When I visit clients homes and they are wanting new decks, I see old decks that have wood that has twisted, nails heads sticking up, decking boards that have split or splintered and dangerous to children or grandkids and they want to remove the old decks and build new and sometimes larger decks to entertain or enjoy their back yards because many homeowners have lived there many years and have planted shrubbery, flowers, natural areas and enjoy the outdoors and is relaxing to sit out on a new deck and enjoy the fruits of their labor after many years of hard work.

GA: If I have a remodel project in mind, what are some things to consider when hiring a contractor?
Greg: I hear a lot of horror stories about homeowners who hired a contractor and ended up not happy in the end. I have had to go into projects and fix the problems that homeowners have to deal with after they thought they had hired a qualified contractor and ends up costing them more money. There are many ways for homeowners looking to do a project to ensure that they get a qualified General Contractor such as:

  1. Ask are you a licensed General Contractor (make them show you their certificate) any project over $30,000.00 requires a licensed general contractor
  2. Ask will you be acquiring a zoning and building permit for my project (if not, why) most remodel projects require zoning and building permits
  3. Give me 3 previous clients that I can call and speak with about their project and experience with you. (if they can provide odds are they have a good reputation)
  4. How long have you been in business, (is your business registered with your home state) This means they should be a legit business
  5. Do you have General Liability & Workers Compensation insurance (request a copy of their current certificate) This is very important! This means if they damage something in your home or someone is hurt working on your home the Contractor has a means to take care of and not leave the homeowner left to worry about.
  6. I have a quote on my business card that says: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is gone”

GA: You have been at the building trade a while. Do you still find it interesting?
Greg: I have been a licensed General Contractor since 1995 and been in business over 20 yrs. I can honestly say that I love what I do and have been blessed to have a job that I enjoy. I love working with people and bringing joy to new homeowners and existing homeowners once their project has been completed. I was taught from a young age to take pride in what you do & to have integrity. I believe that this has kept me in business and I also have the honor of working with my younger brother and several 2nd cousins who also believe in this and it shines through each and every day on the job because I always hear back from homeowners how wonderful their experience has been with the people we hire and work with on their project.


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