Just What I Needed


I’m always searching for that “just right” Publisher’s Pick, whether it comes via email or is something I observe or hear about in the community, but this month’s pick came to me in a different way. For those who are spiritual, you can relate.

My daughter had an accident in which we thought her car was totaled. Since Wells Fargo is the lienholder, I went into the local branch. In my best “zero-to-sixty” mode I found myself half yelling at the innocent teller as I asked to speak to someone about my loan. I needed payoff info and was very stressed. I noticed a sweet-faced, red headed lady pulling a paper off the fax machine. She politely asked how she could help and invited me back to her office. Her calming demeanor, sweet voice, and willingness to help me were just what I needed at this point. It was later I realized that she was actually a Business Advocate; she saw I owned a business, and she shared how she could help me with my business banking.

I have been loyal to another bank for 16 years, but she stole my heart with her knowledge, professionalism and downright willingness to help. She offered her cell number, has met with me to accommodate my busy schedule, and came in on Saturday to set up my online banking and mobile accounts. She took a step further and developed a plan to grow my business by establishing business credit for me. She didn’t have to help me in my time of frustration and helplessness, but she saw my problem as an opportunity to make a Wells Fargo client happy, and ultimately assisted me on growing my business and making this local small business owner feel very special.

Gaston Alive! magazine is proud to select Kelly Foster as November’s Publisher’s Pick. Kelly has worked with Wells Fargo since 1997 and at the New Hope Rd. Gastonia location for two years. She and her husband Roger have a daughter named Emily and attend Lake Wylie Christian Assembly. Kelly’s passion is to help people and businesses become more successful.

If you’re a local business owner I recommend contacting Kelly at 704-915-3003. She has that local hometown feel with the big bank benefits. She will listen, assist and truly care about you and your business. She’ll remind you that you’re a blessing to her when she is really a blessing to you.

Join me in congratulating Kelly as November’s Publisher’s Pick! Keep up the amazing work, Kelly, and remember… You are the blessing!