Publishers Letter – April 2014

Many know that I wait until the night before we are scheduled to go to print before I put my thoughts together and write a letter from the publisher, in hopes of it being better than those in the previous months. Readers have expressed to me that they enjoy this part of the magazine, and it is my sole responsibility as the Publisher to take it seriously. I believe it connects me with my readership, which is very important to me. So, why do I procrastinate? A great deal of effort goes into each page of each issue as we carefully plan, prepare, and encourage our advertisers to meet our deadline. So, what possesses me to wait until the last minute to write for my personal page?

Webster’s defines it this way: Pro`cras`ti`na´tionn: The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness. Procrastination is the thief of time. The last part struck me as interesting. I would never think that I would ever allow anything to rob me of time. Steal my time? Time is very valuable, and the thought of one precious second being taken away from my hectic daily schedule sends me into a complete panic. I live by a clock ticking in my mind… each minute, of each hour, of each day, anticipating the next activity.

What if we could REALLY procrastinate? What if we could put things off to a future time, such as paying bills, aging or the dreaded tax season? Would this make life easier for us? I believe we all make time to do what is important to us. We spend time doing things that offer us gratification and fulfillment, and with people we deem valuable and important in our lives.

I am certain many people procrastinate. I personally believe it is a habit we allow ourselves to create. It’s like a mouse running in a wheel all day – running faster and faster – but only going in the same circle and feeling exhausted. How do we change it? Run faster? I believe habits can be broken when you accept responsibility and decide to change. I ask myself, do I care that I procrastinate? Does it matter that I pack the night before a trip, wash uniforms the night before a game and rush around in the morning to get them dry before the kids leave for school? Truthfully? Not really. It’s me, and who I am, it’s what makes me the “race around town, mom on demand” that I pride myself in being. I believe there will be a time in life when the list gets shorter, the time moves slower and responsibility shifts. For now, I will address more important critical flaws or habits that I need to work on and keep procrastinating. Until I get to the next stage in my life where I can relax, sleep late and worry my children about all of the things that annoy me, I will sit back and snicker at those who “hurry up and wait”. Do you know why they are waiting? It’s simple – they are most likely waiting on the procrastinators.

Until next time… Embrace life… Take time to be a friend to someone, give even when you do not expect to receive, and take a nap. The laundry will still be there when you wake up.
Pam L. Goode