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GA!: I know you have an office in Murphy N.C., but tell us about your new office in Belmont…
Marguerite: After almost 8 years practicing estate planning, probate, real estate, and family law in Murphy, NC at “Stricker-West” in October, 2012, we proudly opened what we are affectionately calling “Stricker-East,” in Belmont at 203 Glenwood Street, directly across from the Belmont Post Office.

GA!: So you will be in practice there with your son Larry Simonds, and Andrew Brandt…so it’s sort of a family affair?
Marguerite: I will be practicing with my son, Larry G. Simonds, Jr., who will be admitted to the practice of law in 2014 and Andrew M. Brandt, who was admitted to NC practice in fall, 2013. I have had a dual license to practice law in FL and NC since 1999. I practiced in St. Augustine, Florida after graduating Florida State University College of Law and finally decided to come back to my roots in North Carolina in 2006. As James Taylor sang, I was always “going to Carolina in my mind.”

I, like Larry and Drew entered the practice of law after successful careers in other arenas, but were drawn to the practice of law as second careers in our mid-30s. I think we each entered law school with a strong sense of helping others; myself in helping others in family crises, such as death and divorce; Andrew in estate and business planning and management; and Larry was drawn to righting wrongs as a litigator in civil and criminal matters. We saw that as a team we had a lot to offer.

My son Larry was born to be an attorney. He and I have always had vigorous debates on any issue, with him playing the devil’s advocate for sheer pleasure of argument. When Larry found out there was a new law school opening in Charlotte, NC., he admitted that he had always wished to become a lawyer.

Andrew is a very pragmatic, matter-of-fact, planner. He is our financial and technological guru. He and Larry met the first day of law school and both came to Murphy to work for me during school breaks, assisting me with preparing wills and legal documents for senior citizens on a fixed income. I knew after that project that we would make a great team.

GA!: Marguerite, tell us a little about yourself….are you from Gaston County?
Marguerite: While I love the Western NC mountains, I was born in Germany to a German mom and a U.S. Army dad from Belmont, NC. I came to Belmont with my mom and dad at the age of one and lived in Gaston County until 1985. I attended East Belmont Elementary School, Belmont Jr. High, South Point High School, Gaston College and UNCC. My parents and grandparents all worked in the textile industry. I am a proud bi-product of that culture and the first member of my father’s family to graduate from college.

Although, I have lived many other places, I have always thought of Belmont as my home. When Larry, Andrew and I were searching for a new location, I was drawn to the idea of bringing our talents to my home-town of Belmont. We looked at a lot of possibilities,
but always came back to Belmont.

GA!: What is important to you as far as your relationship with your clients?
Marguerite: Our number one priority is seeing that our clients are cared for, that they understand the law as it applies to them, and that they know they can sleep well, knowing we have are dealing with their problems as if they were our own.

GA!: What does the future hold for your firm?
Marguerite: 2014 looks very exciting for Stricker Law Firm! As I head up Stricker-West with the assistance of my full-time right arm, Robin Garrett, Andrew and Larry will carry on the tradition at Stricker-East in Belmont. However, I must admit that I love it there so much that I am in attendance enough that I would love to find an old mill house there to renovate and call my second home. Beyond 2014? I know the guys have a dream of bringing our down-home client-based kind of law practice into other parts of North Carolina in the not so distant future and they each have very bright children that could keep our family-based business going for many years to come.

We Offer:

  • Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Trusts
  • Probate
  • Guardianships
  • Elder Law: Medicaid Planning, Elder Abuse and Exploitation, Veteran’s Benefits
  • Real Estate Closing and Disputes
  • Family Law: Separation, Divorce, Adoptions, Mediation
  • Business Succession and Planning: Corporations, LLCs establishment
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Defense

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