Music Is A Gift That Truly Keeps Giving

by Bil JonesBoy Blowing Trumpet
Exposure to music comes in varied forms throughout our lives practically from day one. The first taste of this intoxicating elixir can set the tone for the remainder of our days and layout the soundtrack to our existence. Just take a look around in any public setting  and witness those who partake in the essence of music on a daily basis.
For many, the first opportunity to apply this influx of melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics takes place during the school year. Gaston County schools, both public and private, have well established programs in place that allow the beginning musical adventurer the chance to learn and perform an instrument and enrich their lives in the process. The language of music engages young minds while stimulating neural pathways associated with higher forms of intelligence. This creative experience encourages expression and provides an outlet to release emotions in a supportive environment. Who could think of a more positive social activity which promotes working together for a common goal than music?
Local school music programs include chorus, strings, keyboard, concert, and marching band. Piedmont Community Charter School has even ventured out with their hugely popular guitar classes led by instructor John White. Directors county wide work tirelessly to teach and mold our future stars both in and out of the classroom. Recitals, clinics, camps, competitions and away ball games are but a few of the extra-curricular activities that make up these programs. And of course all of this would not be possible without the aid of the band parents who play a vital role in the mix by providing not only financial but logistical and emotional support as well.
Every summer brings about my own fond memories of marching band camp and the camaraderie which I developed with my friends and classmates there. The long hot days on the practice field rewarded those of us tough enough to stick it out with a sense of accomplishment and a strong work ethic. Performing a well-rehearsed set of songs at the first Friday night football game of the season has given more than a few the motivation to pursue music long after graduation.
The payoff of learning and performing music is immeasurable. Please support and encourage young adults to become involved with our school music programs. This self-confessed band geek thanks Mom and Dad for their support, love, and encouragement.