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At Lewis Farm, Robbie & Cathy Lewis Host Kids Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, But Most of All They Help Brides Make

Country Wedding Memories

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GA!: Lewis Farm is sort of a family affair-one with quite a history, isn’t it?
Cathy: Definitely. Robbie’s grandparents bought this farm in 1935, raised cotton as their cash crop, vegetables, hogs, chickens for their family. Robbie’s grandmother, Winnie Lewis, also had a milk route in Ranlo where she delivered fresh milk, butter, and eggs well into her 70’s. Robbie grew up helping his dad on the farm, and both our sons & daughter-in-law help us now. We couldn’t do it without them.

GA!: You guys were in GA! some years ago- what’s new and different?
Cathy: We built a new event barn, which is great for weddings, birthday parties, and other private events. We have expanded our Fall Pumpkin Festival, added Not-So-Spooky Hay Rides at Halloween, Trail Rides, and Horseback Riding Lessons.

GA!: I know that weddings are very popular at Lewis Farm now…
Cathy: Rustic charm is very popular. We offer the unique advantage of getting married on a working farm, with 10 acres of privacy. We have dance floor, horse-drawn wedding carriage, horses for bridal couple to ride in/out on, and the bride is free to choose her own vendors. We do have many couples get married here, but some want to get married in church, and then come out here where they can relax and let their hair down.

GA!: What is popular in outdoor or rustic weddings right now?
Cathy: Many brides look on Pinterest for ideas. Try “Country Chic” or “Rustic Weddings” and you’ll get tons of ideas. Cowboy boots for the bride, or even the entire wedding party are really popular. Hay bales, line dances, or more upscale and elegant-you name it.lewischair

GA!: You have some beautiful carriages and cool wagons…
Cathy: Wagon building/repair started as a hobby for Robbie. We are always adding to our collection of different carriages for different occasions. We still have farm wagons and implements original to this farm, including horse-drawn equipment from B.W. and Winnie’s day (Robbie’s grandparents).
GA!: You host lots of kid’s birthday parties-pony rides, yay!
Cathy: We offer a unique party experience –lots of room for kids to explore and play and for adults to relax, hand-led horse/pony rides, tractor or horse-drawn hay rides, hand-painted horse options, to name a few.

GA!: You also host corporate functions in your new facility?
Cathy: Again, lots of private space, no noise, relaxing atmosphere, great for corporate meetings or employee appreciation events.

GA!: What would folks be surprised to know about Lewis Farm?
Cathy: How close we are to Gastonia and Charlotte! And – How much work is involved! 7 days a week – it is always either feeding time, planting time, haying time, or harvesting time. Fence repair is an ongoing challenge….

GA!: Do you ever get to get away? Are there “substitute farmers” for when you are gone?
Cathy: Yes, we occasionally get to take a break. We have wonderful family, friends, and employees who help out while we are on vacation. Remember, animals eat EVERY day!

GA!: How many and what kinds of animals do you have?
Cathy: We have about 175 animals total, including cows, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, dogs, and barn cats.

GA!: Folks may be surprised to know how convenient you are to I-85, Gastonia, and Charlotte…
Cathy: Yes, we are only 3-5 minutes from I-85 at Westfield/Eastridge Mall. We are a well-kept secret….lewis

GA!: Tell us something funny that happened at the farm – got any farm humor for us?
Cathy: I forgot to put the chickens up at our son’s wedding, so round-up before the ceremony was lots of fun!

GA!: What would you and Robbie be doing if you weren’t farmers? You both grew up on farms, right?
Cathy: Robbie would build more carriages, and I would probably be more involved with the legislative end of agriculture, but we love what we’re doing and don’t plan to change anytime soon. Robbie grew up on this farm, I grew up further out in the country with just a large garden, no farm animals.

GA!: What is the last book you read, and the last place you went on vacation?
Cathy: We tend read more magazines – Progressive Farmer, NC Ag Review, NC Farm Bureau Leader.
Vacation – Kayaking with our family on the New River.

GA!: Where do you see the farm in ten years? Will it be the same or different?
Cathy: We plan on enhancing the diversity we already have, while becoming more self-sustaining. We also plan to grow our Fall Pumpkin Festival and Not-So-Spooky Hay Rides, and Trail Rides. I also want to add an 8-horse Hitch to our Parade Line-up.

Lewis Farm 330 Lewis Rd. • Gastonia, NC 28054

Robbie & Cathy Lewis

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