Renaissance Builder’s Portfolio



by David Hamrick

Meet Preston Wilson

GA!:  Tell us a little about yourself-family, where you went to school, business background, etc.

Preston:  I am a local Gaston County boy. My beautiful wife Somer and spirited toddler Liam are everything to me. I am involved in numerous local businesses, most all of which involve construction and development. I am living out my dreams.

GA!:  I think of you as a renaissance builder because you often bring back historic projects to be more than they ever were before, but also because you are sort of a “construction artist” that utilizes different trades and disciplines in your projects…

Preston: I have always been intrigued and had an appreciation for timeless design and architecture. I have had a lot of great mentors in art, construction, life, and business that combined have influenced my approach to a project. I appreciate diversity and love working with people from all walks of life every day to bring what they have in their hearts and minds to life.

GA!: Preston, you have worked on lots of fun, interesting projects-many historical. I know you did renovations on the duplexes in McAdenville, and multiple project in downtown Belmont and Mt. Holly.

Preston:  Fun and interesting to say the least. My team has been awarded some pretty incredible opportunities over the last 10 years. Some of those involved years of planning on the part of many people, and others in which we just had an itch to accomplish and dove right in. It is very humbling and interesting to see how some of the early structures and development in Gaston County were accomplished using resources from our local soil and involving local craftsmen. I indulge in every opportunity that I am afforded to work on historic projects.

GA!:  You call yourself a boutique builder. Why is that?

Preston:  What this means to me is that we are more personally involved in the desired outcome of our clients for every custom project. We work with our clients to maximize their investments and ensure that every element of the project is just right.


GA!:  Tell us about outdoor living projects…

Preston:  Over the last 5 years we have really enjoyed working with clients on some amazing outdoor projects. Some of these projects are truly “out of the box”. Many people this day in time spend most of the work day indoors being challenged mentally. People are increasingly finding value and comfort in creating a natural retreat right in their own back yard. Every project is unique. We are able to use such great combinations of stone, wood, fire, water, brick, lighting, and metals.

GA!:  Tell us about working with designers and landscapers?

Preston:  It really makes it fun when we get to add several more imaginations into the creative mix. We really have some great designers and landscapers in our area. We just finished and amazing outdoor living and dining room extending from a log cabin working with local designer, Vallerie Pressley and landscaper, Jim Deason. These are just a few of many talented people that we have enjoyed creating some special projects with.

GA!:  What if I have a dream of a room or project, but don’t really have a plan?

Preston:  You would be 75% of our clientele. We love to sit down and hear out your ideas, and for our emails to be flooded with Pinterest and Houzz pictures. This tells us more about you. From there we begin to outline a scope of work and plan of attack. Often we are able to handle everything in house. If we feel it would be most beneficial to involve a designer and/or architect, we will get them connected and stay involved through the planning process so that we are well aware of the clients’ interests and desires when it comes time to renovate or build.integrity1

GA!:  What about budget?

Preston:  We enjoy this challenge as much as the rest. We take time to discuss budgets openly with our clients. Understanding the budget is equally important as understanding the desired outcome. Our team spends a lot of time discussing our client’s projects and budgets to ensure that we are being as creative as possible to achieve value before any proposal is developed or discussed. Never is a scope fully outlined without 3 members of our team evaluating the entire plan.

GA!:  What are some challenges and successes that were notable?

Preston:  Every achieved endeavor is notable to us. From building a new home to accommodate the challenges associated with aging, to restoring a City, all of these things capture our attention and are memorable. Some of our recent projects in our county involving the restoration of historic projects in beautiful Mount Holly and McAdenville have been very rewarding because of the creative folks involved, and the satisfaction that comes with working together as a team. We enjoy the people just as much as the project!

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Meet Jim Deason


GA!:  Jim- tell us how you got started in the landscape business?
Jim:  After studying many art forms at Brevard and East Carolina University I came home to find myself working with a friend’s family business. A few years later my Dad, who had just retired from Burlington, started dabbing in landscape projects. I thought that looked interesting and dove right in. At that time there were not many people in this field around here (20 years ago!) so I quickly took it to the next level.

GA!:  Looking at your website…you have a gorgeous portfolio of work…

Jim:  Well, I try to look at the landscape in as creative way as I can so we do not end up with the same old thing everyone else has. There are many different and unusual plants, trees and ground-covers that are available that that the average landscaper does not think about or does not know how to use them. And how the plants and other materials are used takes a little creativity itself, not to mention craftsmanship to implement them.

GA!:  Do you have a specialty or a favorite type of project?

Jim:  Hmm, I really enjoy working in small spaces such as courtyards, intimate spaces and Japanese gardens. But I equally like to go into an older yard and rip everything out and install a completely new landscape. That always makes a huge impact and creates quite a stir in a neighborhood!

GA! : What about outdoor living spaces, pool areas and hardscapes?

Jim:  We like to install hardscapes such as stone, brick or paver type products too. And that could be patios, walkways and walls. If I need something such as an outdoor kitchen, cabinets or fireplace I usually call on Preston Wilson’s expertise because his crew is very experienced in that area. Outdoor living spaces are fun to work with and really useful for families and their friends.

GA!:  Is an irrigation system important in our climate/area?

Jim:  I recommend installing an irrigation system when doing most landscaping projects simply because you need to take care of that investment of plantings. But equally important is proper usage of our resource of water. A good controller with one of the new generation rain sensors is the way to go. They can now automatically adjust the run time on a daily basis due to the temperature and evapotranspiration rate of plants in your micro-climate.

GA!:  Tell us about an interesting or unusual project you have done…
Jim: One of the most memorable projects that I did is probably long gone, but about 18 years ago The Stowe Manor in Belmont had a designer house event where interior designers jazzed up the inside and local landscape companies of course did portions of the outside. I snatched up the first spot in the back and created an awesome Japanese garden over the course of a few days. That was just a fun event and it raised a lot of money for some local charity that I can’t remember!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
GA!:  I am thinking of a landscape project- why should I call you?
Jim: That is simple: You should call me because I think I can give you the best honest information and provide the very best service and warranties. Having over 20 year experience, I am a NC licensed landscape contractor as well as licensed irrigation contractor. My employees are courteous and efficient and take pride in their work.
GA!:  What about routine maintenance like grass cutting, aeration, etc.?
Jim:  We do that and more; we maintain landscapes throughout the Belmont and Gastonia regions. Most clients prefer the comprehensive package which includes mowing, lawn and shrub fertilization, pruning, etc on a weekly basis. We enjoy doing special projects with these clients and they know that if they are having a special function we will change our routine to accommodate them.
GA!: Your assistant Barbara has been with you for 11 years- you must be a nice guy!
Jim: Actually Barbara Oliver has been my office manager for more than 17 years now! That’s hard to believe. And most of my key employees have been with me for 10+ years.

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