Neat & Organized


Messy Garage Or Storage Room? Have To Park The Car Outside ‘Cause The Garage Is Full?
Robert Faires Can Help You Get Neat & Organized.

by David Hamrick

GA! Tell us a little about yourself…
Robert: My wife, Elizabeth, and I are both from Gastonia. We both graduated from Ashbrook High in 1990 and attended N.C. State, where I earned a BS in Industrial engineering. After graduating from State I worked for Henredon Furniture Industries, in Spruce Pine, NC. Then I worked for Turbo Conveyors, in Kings Mountain. In 2002 I went into the custom cabinet business, and have been designing and building cabinets for over 10 years now. We have 3 beautiful children, Alex (4), Walt (3), and Elise (6mths).

GA! What is the story behind Total Garage?
Robert: Total-Garage is a company I started to fill a need I saw in the garage storage and organization market. I wanted to provide an affordable and simple option for people who need help organizing their garage, but were not necessarily trying to make their garage into a showroom. A lot of people can’t ever park a car in their garage. I have an economical solution to get the stuff off the floor and get your garage space back.

GA! We know you own the local Monkey Bars franchise-tell us about Monkey Bars…
Robert: Monkey Bars is a patented 2 in 1 shelving and rack storage system designed to use the wasted space in a garage or storage room. With Monkey Bars we can store 3 times the stuff as other systems at less than half the cost.

GA! Do you have various solutions for a messy or cluttered garage?
Robert: Definitely, that is why I chose the name Total-Garage. We have a full range of products and services to help anyone clean up their garage. The Monkey Bar system is very versatile, there are 2 different size shelves to take advantage of different spaces, and we have a shelf designed specifically to use the wasted space over the top of a garage door, which the neighbors don’t see when the door is up. In addition to the Monkey Bar products, we do work benches, overhead storage racks, slat wall systems, floor coatings, and a stock line of cabinets designed for the garage.

GA! Some folks have tons of kids’ stuff- balls, bikes and strollers etc.-can you help?
Robert: Yes, the Monkey Bars system is especially good for this. We can hang bikes, strollers, riding toys, sports equipment, lawn tools, we have 10 different hooks to hang just about anything. And we have specialty items as well, like ball bags, shoe bags, kayak racks, bucket racks, and we even have a way to hang saddles, and it is all fully adjustable and easily accessible.

GA! What about business applications?
Robert: Anywhere there is a mess we can find a solution. We have some specially designed products for sheds, and we can install over all types of wall surfaces, studs, block wall, concrete. One of my
customers was so pleased with her garage, she said she wanted me to come to her marina and put in some storage systems there.

GA! How does our background as a cabinet maker impact your business?
Robert: My 10 plus years of experience in the custom cabinet business is a great fit – after all, cabinets are basically dressed up boxes for storing and organizing your things. In fact I am building a custom set of pantry cabinets right now for a garage application. They will have rollout shelves and allow for storage of canned goods and paper products that take up too much room inside the house.

GA! What is your idea of a perfect vacation? What/where was your last vacation?
Robert: I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland and play some of the great golf courses over there, going out west and skiing is always fun too! We just got back from taking the kids to Bald Head Island, it was a blast, the kids really love the beach.

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