The Lights Of Christmastown


We met recently with Jay McCosh, owner of the Christmastown Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery in McAdenville to find out more about the exciting new painting called “The Lights of Christmastown”.

GA!: Jay, congratulations on the new painting! I understand that it has been a four year process-was the painting your idea originally?
Growing up in Gastonia, McAdenville was an annual tradition for us as it is for many people. When we relocated the gallery here from Carolina Place four and a half years ago, I instantly thought based on Thom’s work that it would be a natural choice as it already resembles much of Thom’s work and when you add the element of Christmastown to it, the idea seemed more than obvious. So the first chance I got I started pitching the idea to the company.

GA! Tell us a little about the process of how the painting came about- you took hundreds of pictures of McAdenville…
Jay: The last few years when Thom’s brother Patrick would come for an event here in the gallery in December I told him it was his penance to come to McAdenville this time of year every year until Thom painted it. So, early 2010 Pat finally got the “go ahead” from Thom that he would do it. Since then Pat and I have planned the painting and I took hundred of photos of all the elements

I thought we needed to include in the painting, from different angles and different times of day and different seasons.

GA!: WasThom’sbrotherPatrickinvolved?
As well as helping to plan the painting, he was also Thom’s
Art Director on this one, since he had spent so much time here over the last few years and felt so strongly that Thom should celebrate this town on canvas.

GA! What about the number of pieces available as compared to a normal Kinkade piece?
Jay: Being this is such a special piece, the number is extremely low compared to his normal releases.

GA!: How can folks find out more, or see the actual artwork?
They can call us, stop by or check out our website at

GA!: For those that haven’t been, tell us a little about your gallery.
The gallery started over in Carolina Place Mall over 16 years ago. When the former gallery owner retired I took it over and we were only there a year when a great opportunity came to move it here to McAdenville. Since the initial move we have already moved once within McAdenville with 4 times our original space here in town. Now we are the only Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery in the Charlotte area, with over 100 of his pieces on display at any given time.

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