The definition of Steampunk is one that will differ from person to person, but this one is a collaboration of my thoughts…“An imaginary Victorian age, that features metal clockwork and steam-powered inventions that go far beyond 1800’s technology. Steam powered mechanical wonders, optimistic gear driven computers, clockwork firts, vintage keys, nuts & bolts and so much more! It’s a genre and a design aesthetic. A philosophy which entitles us to challenge our artistic side and combine the future with the past.”

In the Jewelry world, Steampunk has become a aesthetic style for a lot of designers. Every person creates their own trend, helping this movement to keep evolving. It is amazing to see some of the things that people can create and let their imagination take them!


Make this trend your own, remember, there are no directions.. just your creativity… The best place to begin your journey on this every growing trend, is open that jewelry box, find a thrift store, antique store.. and tear apart old costume jewelry, watches, brooches, earrings, even find those old keys, coins…anything can be used… and just start piecing it together like a puzzle!

If you would like to create a piece for yourself, and are lost in your array of “vintage” items.. just stop by DenimNotes Beads & Boutique, and I would love to help you create your very first steampunk piece!!!

Here are some pieces I have created, maybe this will help in- spire you! I have also created: mother’s vintage watches with their grand childrens pictures inside and was able to wear it as a bracelet; lockets with collage images, clock gears and butter- fly wings; and so much more!


This style has grown over the past couple of years, and doesn’t just pertain to jewelry, but also to appliances, home decor, even vehicles. Check out the internet to find some great examples!

Deni Shultz