Bold, Beautiful, Kitchens, and Baths!


GA: Deborah, it’s been awhile since we talked. What’s new at Innovations, and in kitchen and bath design?
Deborah: We are constantly looking for new and innovative products that appeal both esthetically and practically to our consumers. One example is the air bath shown on the cover. It is quite an advancement from the whirlpools of the past. Homeowners are no longer satisfied with repeating what their neighbor did for their last remodeling project. I’m not saying they are trying to outdo the “Jones’”, but they are being sensible with their budgets. Many homeowners are staying in their existing homes instead of moving. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “If I’m gonna stay here, I’m gonna have it the way I want it!”
GA!: I know you have customers  that are homeowners, but your primary focus is contractors, is that right?
Deborah: Yes, we work with several local contractors, and the list is growing.
GA!: Why is it beneficial for contractors to team up with Innovations?
Deborah: We have a multitude of products as well as design services available right here at our design center. Contractors and their clients love the convenience of creative design and product selection in one place.
GA!:  You have developed  good working relationships several local builders and contractors. What if homeowners come to you first-can you recommend a contractor suitable for their project?
Deborah: Absolutely-that’s a win-win! The customer gets a great contractor for their particular project, and the contractor gets the business referral.
GA:   What do you specialize in at Innovations?
Deborah: With 19 years experience with kitchen & bathroom design, I’d say that is my specialty. I do however enjoy all aspects of the building industry. It is quite satisfying to have a collection of ideas and drawings come to life as a new home or a master suite addition to an existing home.
GA: Do you primarily do kitchens, baths, both? Do you do anything else?
Deborah: We do a mixture of both. We also do outdoor living areas, lighting, plumbing, flooring, counter tops and hardware. We can provide everything you need, right down to matching interior and exterior door hardware.
GA What are folks doing the most as far as remodeling?
Deborah: Right now we are doing a lot of bathrooms. By that I mean that folks are fully updating, taking out tubs, adding walk in showers, updating fixtures from polished brass to oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel, and adding large tile and natural stone products.
GA: What are the trends in kitchens and baths right now?
Deborah: The environment is playing a key role in peoples choices. As a society we are becoming more aware of our impact on the earth, and our selections of products reflect that. Consumers are asking for Green Certified products, which we proudly endorse and provide. Check out our “Lyptus” kitchen on our website. Lyptus is a fast growing wood that resembles mahogany.
GA: Since we are talking about kitchens, what do you like to cook?
Deborah: My husband & I have been trying to eat healthier and have added a lot of vegetables to our recipes. We started gardening and it is quite rewarding to cook what you’ve grown. We spend a lot of time outside and love to grill veggies, lean meats & fish.
GA: What is the biggest mistake home owners make, or biggest misconception they have when considering a remodel?
Deborah: That it is too expensive and is will take forever to complete. We’ve all heard the horror stories from our friends and family about their experiences. We have proven with experienced planning and execution of a project, that we can keep the customer on budget and complete a job in a reasonable amount of time.  We really can save you time and money. We do that by making sure we have everything lined up and ready, we estimate properly, and we have subs that bend over backwards and do things fast for us because of our reputation.
GA: Tell us about a recent project.
Deborah: It was a complete master suite remodel in the Merewood neighborhood of Belmont. The customer wanted a classic look with modern amenities. I think we successfully created that while staying within her budget.
GA: It sounds like you guys are great at what you do, and are very creative and fast, so I have to ask-are you expensive?
Deborah: We can help folks on a modest budget to someone that has been saving for years for their dream kitchen or bath. I tend to be fairly conservative with my money, so I try to be careful with customer’s money.


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