The Power Of Ideas


The Power Of Ideas-By Preston Wilson

A wise man once said “What we can see is only a small percentage of what is possible. Imagination is having the vision to see what is just below the surface; to picture that which is essential, but invisible to the eye.”

Your most powerful resource in business is your very own mind and imagination. The most powerful tool you can ever put to use found within your mind is an idea. Edison brought light to the world through the power of an idea. The Wright Brothers transformed transportation by using their imagination. Martin Luther King changed America by pursuing his dream.

I have had the privilege recently to spend some time with a very famous artist. It is such an incredible experience to rub shoulders with someone who has tapped into this reality. This particular artist has become well known for his public art. He has the vision to see beyond a cities current label and environment, conceptualize what would change that environment, and materialize that idea. His ideas have the power to provoke thought in everyone that passes by his work, changing their countenance and mentality. Isn’t it amazing that one man expressing his ideas through art has the power to change an environment?

You have this same ability to revolutionize your environment or industry by putting your imagination to work and developing just the right idea. As I share frequently, I am involved in many different partnerships, all of which have suffered some effect from the changes in our nation’s economy. While many businesses have struggled, what has preserved many of these is the power of ideas. Not one business has had to make a huge investment in bringing in an outside source to teach them to maintain or prop them up. We put our minds to work day in and day out, acknowledging our environment and developing ideas to withstand and succeed.

Don’t limit your endeavors to what is in front of you and the way you have always done things. Don’t limit your success by following the exact procedures and footsteps of others who have succeeded before you. Times and seasons change. You possess the resources to make the necessary change that it is going to take to progress within you.  There is a market and need for your brilliance. Begin putting your mind to work. You will find  that new  ideas create increased energy and new  business activity!