Robin Rogers-Back In The Fire-by Ben Dungan

It makes us look back and see what we have accomplished, and how far we have come.
Gaston County’s very own Robin Rogers will be celebrating a milestone of her own this month.  She is releasing her fourth album, Back In The Fire, on Tuesday, September 16.  It’s been a little over two years since Robin released Treat Me Right, her first full-length album under the Blind Pig Records banner.
Most of us knew about Robin Rogers way before 2008.  We knew what she and her husband, Tony Rogers, were capable of when it came to making and playing music.  After Treat Me Right, it seems as if the rest of the blues world is starting to figure out what a special talent Robin Rogers is.
Many of us have dreamt of playing music for a living.  We dream about the honor and the glory.  Dreams are OK, but they can be a little misleading at times.  Robin Rogers has been clawing her way to the top for a long time.  She worked very hard to get signed to an internationally-recognized blues label.
And once she did, the real work began.
Treat Me Right was released nationally in the summer of 2008.  SInce that time, Robin has been travelling all over the country exposing her brand of blues to new audiences.  She has been playing at music festivals and venues that she had never played before.  It’s hard to leave the comfort of your backyard, but in order to expose new folks to your sounds, it is what you have to do. 
The work has paid off.  Two major blues award nominations later (one of which she won!), and Robin is starting to get that notoriety that she deserves.
And the cycle continues.  This month, her fourth album makes its way into the hands and ears of her fans.  The touring and performances will continue on.  The crowds will get larger.  The radio airplay will increase, and the press will continue to jump on the bandwagon.
But it’s times like this where you have to pause.  The next adventure awaits for sure.  This whirlwind ride that is the music business has a way of keeping you busy at all times.  But I hope Robin can take the time to look back and see how far she has come in the last two years.
And when she throws a CD release party for the new album, we can force her to stop for just a moment and take it all in.  She has earned every bit of it.
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