Live Fit Health Club


Live Fit Health Club is a new venture, and a dream come true for
Belmont native Jonathan Logan. Located on East Catawba in Belmont,
Live Fit is the first health club of its kind in this area. Jonathan
is quiet, well spoken, and exceedingly courteous, which is a good
thing, considering his size! We talked with Jonathan in his new
facility, and we wanted to find out more about his unique fitness

GA! Jonathan, of course, here in the South we have to find out who your family is, and where you are from…
Jonathan: I was born and raised here in Belmont; my mother and
father are both natives of this area.

GA! Did you go to school here, and what is your sports and
fitness background?
Jonathan: I graduated from South Point High School, and grew up
playing a variety of sports, including soccer and football. I
started power lifting competitively in college at Winston Salem
State University, where I also began personal training in the
University’s Fitness Center.

GA! What is the concept behind Live Fit, and how is it different
from other fitness options that folks may have?
Jonathan: Live FIT is a facility that creates an atmosphere of
success – we expect you to reach your goals, and will give you the
support and the tools needed to ensure that you do. We don’t let bud
get or scheduling be deciding factors for starting the fitness journey with any new client.

GA! How did Live Fit come into being-was it your idea or dream?
Jonathan: For as long as I can remember, it has not only been a
dream of mine, it’s been my only dream. I’m very blessed to get up
every day and get to live it.

GA! Tell us about your staff…
Jonathan: There’s Brian Holbrook, my “go-to” guy. He’s here full-
time, and has been helping people reach their goals for almost 10 years. Clay Gerringer works with our athletes in assisting them in getting into peak condition. Jamie and Chris Jones (of Belmont Fitness, LLC) combine to create a very effective team offering Boot Camp, Athletic Conditioning, and a host of other fitness classes. Our trainers are certified through several different nationally recognized certifications: ISSA, AFAA, NSCA, NSCA-CSCS and are all Adult First Aid, Environmental Emergencies, Adult/Child CPR, Adult/Child AED, and Infant CPR certified.

GA! What is the funniest or most interesting thing that has
happened since you opened?
Jonathan: After realizing Brian could not only stand but squat on a
stability ball, I had to try it! I have broken my fall on the soft
concrete more than once, but can finally stand (and almost squat.)

GA! I know you opened (March 1), how is it going so far?
Jonathan: We had a soft opening on March 1, and have consistently
hit our weekly new client goals. We will have our Grand Opening the
first week in June with a ribbon cutting ceremony, but anticipate
reaching maximum capacity by that point. We plan on providing
several free activities for the clients at that time during our
membership appreciation week.

GA! What are your fitness goals for you clients?
Jonathan: That varies as much as the clients themselves. Some
clients are getting back into shape after the birth of a new baby,
some are preparing for an upcoming event like a class reunion, while
others are just increasing their individual level of fitness to be
able to perform at a higher, more efficient level. We help our
clients hit each of these goals while encouraging healthy changes
through weight-loss, education, and the fundamentals of living and
maintaining their new healthier lifestyle.

GA! Who are your clients as far as age, gender, occupation, etc.?
Are they all “serious” athletes?
Jonathan: Again, every client is completely different. We work with
teachers, business analysts, student athletes, and stay at home
moms, ranging in age from 15 to mid 60’s. We believe that everyone
that walks through the doors of Live FIT are serious about changing
their lives, and have the ability to meet any goals that we work

GA! How does a membership work? What do I get for my money?
Jonathan: We provide a one on one experience with all clients,
pairing them with trainers that will help design the best program
for them. We want to provide a top-notch service at a reasonable
price, and all of our packages are customized for each individual
client. One of our most popular packages includes three 1-hr
sessions per week for 12 months (156 sessions annually) for $2500
(equaling $210 a month or $15 a session)* package price through May
31. The national average is $65-80.00 an hour, so we feel like we
are providing a great value to our clients.

GA! What do you do when you are not being a fitness guru?
Jonathan: I really enjoy pushing myself through my own workouts,
including power-lifting, cross-fit training, and my new love: kettle-
bells. I also love spending time with my wife, Amitria. We were
college sweethearts and love cooking, movie nights, and spending
time together and with our families.

GA! Do you occasionally go for a Big Mac- you tell us-we’ll keep it a secret!
Jonathan: I really believe in allowing myself a “cheat meal” (or
meals) that are not in my regularly scheduled diet for the week. I
usually coordinate those meals with my date night with my wife, but
no Big Macs. (smile)

GA! Why open Live Fit in Belmont?
Jonathan: I grew up in Belmont and love the local support. When I
decided to make my dream a reality, it was only right to open here
in Belmont.

GA! What’s next-do you plan to open more locations?
Jonathan: With Live FIT being a limited membership facility, I see a
few more locations in our near future. The most important thing to
me is being able to maintain the same environment of comfort and
success at every location.