“The Good Old Days”…..


How many times a week do you mention to your employees, vendors, partners, and lenders about the “good old days”? Sometimes you may catch yourself even resorting to this type of a conversation with a customer because it so consumes your mind. I have found myself in that same frame of mind and speech. About 10 months ago, I found myself so weighted with my focus on past successes and accomplishments that I was cutting myself short in the present. “Good” can only get better and how promising and motivating is any conversation with the word “old” in it?

There is an ancient proverb that states “where there is no vision, people perish”. Sight is something that you can actually see with your eyes. Beyond sight is vision. Vision is something conceived and viewed in the mind, and anticipated. I remember when I began my first endeavor as an entrepreneur. I was obsessed with what I was going to accomplish and how I was going to change the entire mobile home park where I lived. I had a vision in my mind of this incredible transformation. The only means to bring to pass what I had in my mind was my idea and 12 year old self. I had to communicate with people gain influence and generate resources. After selling my vision to my Dad and Grandmother, I was able to acquire a used push mower. 6 months later, I was mowing half the lawns in the community and at $10 per lawn, was generating more revenue than I  ever knew  existed. What I anticipated had come to pass. There is a level of motivation and will power that can only be obtained with vision and imagination. Decades later, I found myself in an opposite frame of mind, reflecting on what all I had seen rather that where my vision could take me. I recognized the slow poison that I was releasing into my businesses.

I am convinced that vision, with a little diligence, is the absolute greatest resource for a business owner. Without it, you will soon find yourself at a dead end. You are attempting to bring a wilting harvest into a new season. It is “old” and no longer any “good”.   I encourage you to turn your mind to tomorrow and away from what you have seen and accomplished in the past. Cultivate your vision and become innovative and motivated once again. You will be surprised what kind of positive influence it will have on those that partner and work with you. Your energy and hope for tomorrow is contagious, just as your despair was.

Wishing you the best in your business,