… A Legacy & A Love Story


The story of how William Henry Signature Salon & Spa in Belmont is a great story, because it’s partly a love story. Named for owner Preston Wilson’s grandfather, a local barber for many years, it’s also the story of how Preston and Somer Wilson met.

GA: Somer-we want to know all about the salon and spa, but first tell us how you and Preston met.
Somer: It is the best story ever and you probably want it in a couple of sentences. The short and sweet is, I was selected as one of the original eight stylists to begin the salon. Preston passed through one evening and asked that I ride with him to South Park to pick up a few things and we grabbed some dinner at Harper’s. This was the first real conversation that we had ever had. You know how ‘to the point’ he is. He wanted to know my dreams and things that I loved most in life. That conversation sealed the deal. His persistence kicked in and it was love notes and gifts in my station every day. I am thrilled to say that nothing has ever changed. It just gets better!
GA: What was the idea for the salon, the concept?
Somer: There are people in life that have such a positive impact on a family and community that their influence continues, even after they are gone. Preston’s grandfather was one of those people. Preston never had a desire to work with hair so he couldn’t carry on the legacy in that way. He decided to use valuable principles that his grandfather had instilled in him to create a healthy environment for the rest of us to use our gifts.
GA: How are you different from other salons?
Somer: I think the only thing that makes us like other salons is the fact that we are all made up of barbers, cosmetologists, and spa professionals. The best way to describe William Henry is that we take a very holistic approach in how we care for our guests and each other as professionals. It is our desire that everyone leave William Henry not only looking, but feeling renewed and encouraged. We also do our best to provide all of our professionals with opportunities to continue in their technical and product education.
GA: We were surprised at how large the spa area is upstairs…
Somer: It’s wonderful. I like to think it is one of Gaston’s best kept secrets. We are fortunate enough to have some of the areas finest professionals in the arena of massage therapy, aesthetics, and nail cosmetics. We want to do all we can to give them an environment to perform to the best of their abilities, ensuring that all of our guests receive the relaxation they deserve.
GA: How many professionals work in the spa area, and what are their specialties?
Somer: Our spa is made up of 6 professionals, as well as management, facility and support staff. We have a full menu of services in make-up, skin and nail care, as well massage therapy.
GA: Love the overall design and ambience of the salon and spa. Who was your designer?
Somer: I would have to give credit once again to my husband on this (he’s pretty amazing). Our design concept, for it’s beauty and usage, has been recognized by industry leaders and has influenced the design of new salons and cosmetic education institutions.
GA: We noticed you have a nice age range of stylists, is that on purpose? How are they selected?
Somer: We are intentionally diverse. William Henry is a salon for everyone. We have taken our time in selecting stylists of different ages, personalities, and gifts to ensure that we can relate and meet the desires of our guests from all walks of life. Melissa Wallace, our Assistant Manager of guest services, understands the expertise of each stylist and barber and sees to it that she and her staff places each guest with with a professional that seems the best fit.
GA: How many folks are in the salon, and what services do you offer there?
Somer: The salon floor is made up of 16 stylist, along with it’s management and support staff. We are a full service salon so it is difficult to share what we don’t do. We offer a full range of color, cut, and style services, as well as our newly added Keratin treatments. We are very proud to be one of the select area salons offering Keratin conditioning services for healthy and long lasting hair straightening.
GA: You seem to have a nice variety of products. Can you elaborate on what you have available?
Somer: We believe strongly that your health and appearance are investments. We have discovered the product lines that we have chosen to make available have proven results. In hair care, we carry a full line of Redken, Redken for Men, and Pureology. In make -up and skin care, we are proud to have been selected to carry a full line of Bare Escentuals and MD Formulations. We also maintain a large selection of the latest in OPI polish and nail care.
GA: Back to the beginning. Let’s talk about love again. How can William Henry help us guys make this Valentines Day one to remember?
Somer: OK fellas. As always, Melissa and Elise can work with you in putting together something custom just for her. We enjoy helping you create gifts that are unique and personal for any special occasion. We also have put together a special his and her massage package this year for you to share in the William Henry experience with her. For those of you who have special people in your lives that appreciate the more practical and freedom to ‘chose their own adventure’, we have gift certificates available in any amount. We would love have a part in making this Valentines Day one that will be remembered.