Caleb Davis Band



Sometimes in life, things just happen to fall into place. Some call it luck, others call it good timing. For Caleb Davis and his wife Jaclyn, they call it faith.

After obtaining a music degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he and Jaclyn decided they needed to move to an area that would support his music career.

With a college degree in tow; they decided to make their new home in Nashville, Tennessee. After all, if you are going to make a living playing music, you might as well start with one of the largest music cities in the USA.

And that’s what they did. It didn’t take long for Davis to penetrate the music scene in Nashville. Before long he was making a decent living, but something wasn’t right. You know that nagging feeling. We’ve all felt it. For Davis, the music he was performing may have been feeding his family; however, it wasn’t feeding his soul.

After two years of playing with some of the best musicians Nashville had to offer, Davis and his wife knew it was time to make a change. Doors opened and doors closed. Opportunities were available for both he and his wife to be able to make a change and return home to Gaston County.
Now it’s no secret that Gaston County and the greater Charlotte area is not the first place you pick when you want to make a living in the music industry. But that didn’t stop Davis. Not long after returning home, he quickly formed his very own band.

This time, instead of playing back-up to someone else’s project, Davis would partner with long-time friend Justin Morehead to form the Caleb Davis Band. In their short tenure, they have already played at high-profile local venues including The Double Door Inn and The Fillmore in Charlotte, as well as The Orange Peel in Asheville.

After two years of making others sound and look good in Nashville, Caleb and Morehead are working hard to put together their own signature sound and groove. And this time, instead of playing music that just pays well, the Caleb Davis Band is playing music that makes you and them feel good.

For Davis, life is better and more rewarding today than it was a year ago. That’s progress, but life is not perfect. There still remain challenges to overcome. He and Morehead hope to add some permanent members to their band and they continue to work hard at raising their profile within the area’s music scene.

But like most things in life, they don’t happen over night. But a little faith and a strong work ethic will take Davis and his band where they want to go in 2010.

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