Honey Hunters sad ending…


No cash, only office furniture and equipment.

Honey Hunter’s owners NC Gas House Gang declared filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in December. The company reported no cash on hand, and assets included seven Dell laptops, one MacBook Pro, four Dell monitors, three printers and eight handheld ticket scanners. They also reported   office furniture including three desks, three office chairs and one filing cabinet.

Their largest creditor is BKK Sports, to whom Gash Has House Gang  owes $1.1 million for a seller note, and also $291,973.05 for league expenses.  They also owe the N.C. Department of Revenue $140,000 for taxes , and the Department of the Treasury/IRS is also listed as a creditor with a claim for taxes of $126,402.72.

The League and the City of Gastonia say they plan to field a team in 2024. It is unclear at this time where those plans are. Hopefully they can find an owner with deeper pockets, more knowledge about sports in general and baseball in particular, and a new team name that is more regionally appropriate.