City of Gastonia sues to get Honey Hunters out of stadium


The City of Gastonia is asking the Court to terminate the Honey Hunter’s possession of the stadium, and to also award  monetary damages.

The Honey Hunters have been kicked out of the Atlantic League for non-payment. The City  alleges that the team defaulted on it’s naming rights obligation, and also failed to make a payment which caused gas service to the stadium to be interrupted, which caused the generator to shut off. The City incurred for a repair and diagnostic service to the generator as a result.

The City also alleges that maintenance of the stadium has been extremely poor. “This is not a cosmetic criticism, but rather a troubling pattern of improper maintenance which will diminish the life expectancy and value of the premises,” court documents state.

GA hopes that we get a new team, a new responsible owner iwth deep pocktets, and a new regionally appropriate name for the team. We also think the FUSE idea is a good one, and can still be a source of pride for Gaston County.