1950’s wedding at Stowe Manor


This from the new owners of Stowe Manor: Imagine this… A wedding set in the 1950’s from the top of the Grand Collande (staircase). The Bride is so bashville, hiding in the background. How beautiful is she? What were they all thinking? This is one of hundreds of weddings held here. Cheers to many more! Once we figure all this out. We moved into this Big Ol House three weeks ago. It’s been a challenge to figure it out. We hope to reopen to the public in some reinvented capacity in late 2024-2025, but please give us space as we sort things out.

According to the owner, they will host some bridal/portrait settings and tv/movie set opportunities in 2024. They may start outdoor weddings and events in 2026. The gardens may be finished by then and would be available for events.