Honey Hunters pay past due ballpark rent and other fees to Gastonia


The City of Gastonia has confirmed that they have received a check for $88,038.75 for past due rent and other fees owed to it by the Honey Hunters organization.

The Honey Hunters also owed Gaston County for Emergency Medical Services and Gastonia Police officers that have worked off duty to cover games. Gaston County says that they have received a partial payment for monies owed for emergency medical services, and police officers were present at last Tuesdays game.

It is unclear if they have paid other vendors monies owed at this point. Last year, Burlington based OT Sports Industries sued Momentus Hospitality Group, one of Brandon Bellamy’s companies for $11,880. According to Veronia Jeong, CEO of Momentous and the Honey Hunters, OT Sports has been paid.