New “Patriotic” Community to be built in Gastonia

A new community named 1776 Gastonia will be built in Gastonia by NewStyle Communities. The 55 + community “blends the elements of American patriotism, the American Dream of home ownership, and the founding ideals of America: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” according to the company.

The community will have an HOA that will provide standards: homeowners will pledge allegiance to the flag, accept that the Constitution is the U.S.’s founding legal document, “cherish” the nation’s motto, recognize “the founding ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and pledge to preserve “the founding ideals of 1776 at Gastonia and to honor our great nation, The United States of America.”

Homeowners will also fly American flags provided by the builder during the construction process.”It’s properly illuminated and it’s designed to be a fixture of the home that is permanent. At times when the flags need to be replaced because of wear and tear, the homeowners association will take care of that,” said Brock Fankhauser, Founder and CEO.

No word on whether patriotic socks will be required.