Is It Done?

The biggest problem with pork is people generally over cook it. Over done pork is dry, tough, un-appealing, in-edible balsa wood. Most people think you need to cook pork to prevent being infection from Trichina worms, but the fact is there are only 20 cases of Trichinosis per year in the U.S. By comparison 30 people die from lightning strikes per year in the U.S. (and that represents only 10% of the people struck)

Some fear of pork stems back to religious beliefs and others general bias against pigs simply being unclean. If you do research, or grow up on a farm you find out pigs are one of the cleanest farm animals. As well as one of the leanest meats we can eat.

The right way to cook pork is to a lovey very light pink color, it should be cooked to 145 degrees according to USDA guidelines then allowed to rest for three minutes.

The rule of thumb is treat pork just as you would a great steak or roast, cook it to a nice medium rare.

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