From the Publisher – October 2016

Loving this cooler weather-makes me look forward to the rest of fall and the holidays, as well as hot chocolate with marshmallows! By the time you read this there will be eleven weeks until Christmas…a scary thought , that. Be … Continued

From the Publisher – June 2016

There is an old saying in sales that says “If you believe, you are believed.” In other words, if you believe in the product or concept you are selling, then other folks are more likely to believe as well. Gaston … Continued

From the Publisher – May 2016

It has been a beautiful spring. My son got married recently in Savannah, and the grand kids have started playing softball and baseball-what a great time to be alive in the South! Now if those pine needles would just finish … Continued

From the Publisher – April 2016

It’s the day after UNC lost to Villanova, and the skies are still a brilliant Carolina blue this morning. Both the Panthers and the Tar Heels came so close this year, but it wasn’t to be. But I am still … Continued

From the Publisher – March 2016

It may not be Spring, but it sure feels like it! Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20th, but don’t tell the cherry trees

From The Publisher

Happy September! September means summer is winding down (if not the temperatures) and it’s back to school. It’s still pretty hot outside and it seems way too soon to see school buses and kids out early in the mornings, but it’s also … Continued