Cramer Mountain Reimagined!

By David Hamrick GA is talking to today with Eric Vargosko, a Cramer Mountain resident and developer with Lenox Development Group who redeveloped the former Cramer Mountain Clubhouse into the Lodge at Cramer Mountain, as well as Joe Campbell, the … Continued

Tree Trimming Tips

By Nan Bridgeman I love the holidays and putting up trees. I have put up lots of trees over the decades, and not all have been a rip roaring success. When I was a young mother, I got the idea … Continued

(Remembering) John Alexander

  Editor’s Note: Gastonia resident and local jazz player John Whitesides Alexander passed away recently. The piece that follows was written by Bil Jones in May of 2013. Late one evening quite a few moons ago, I entered the door of the … Continued

Cooking With Glenn: Polenta Bites

By Glenn Sawyer It’s the holidays again, Christmas decoration started right after Halloween as well as the shopping be it a black, cyber or coupon. Rushing from store to store to find all those special somethings (sometimes for people we hardly … Continued

Grandmother Wilson’s Pecan Pie

By David Hamrick Some of our favorite recipes are favorites because they taste great, or because they are easy, and sometime because of where they come from. This month’s recipe is all three, and it came from my grandmother Wilson. … Continued