Double Chocolate Cake With Raspberry Filling

WORDS BY SHELBY WILSON This recipe makes a large 2 layer cake, or an even taller (smaller) 3-layer cake- depending on pan size (see instructions below). It turns out to be a very moist chocolate cake with a rich chocolate ganache … Continued

Sniffling, Sneezing…Cold Season

WORDS BY BEN DUNGAN In the previous three winters, I have had two colds. Do the math – that means one entire winter season, I went cold-free. That also means I went an entire year without having to scour the … Continued

Old Man River…The Catawba

WORDS BY DAVID HAMRICK A lot of you drive over the Catawba River every day and probably don’t give it much thought. Or maybe you catch a glimpse of the fall foliage or the steam rising from the river some summer … Continued

Travel Fun With Country Camping Corner

WRITTEN BY DAVID HAMRICK We are talking to day with Verena Keller, owner of Country Camping Corner in Kings Mountain. GA: Is it true that this Kings Mountain location was owned by Young RV for many years? And you started … Continued