Daniel Stowe Botancial Garden: 20 Years To Grow On!

WORDS BY STEPHANIE WISNET A lifelong nature lover, gardening enthusiast and world traveler, Daniel J. Stowe and his wife Alene envisioned a stunning garden in Daniel’s hometown of Belmont evolving over several decades to rival other world-renowned gardens. In 1991, Daniel, … Continued

Grandiflora: Gamrath Glass at The Garden

WORDS BY: STEPHANIE WISNET Let your mind wander for a moment and imagine yourself in a tropical rainforest. You’re walking along a lush path with tillandsia and showy orchids growing overhead and bromeliads blooming at your feet. A waterfall can be … Continued

Winter Orchid Spectacular

Art & Orchids: Flowers in Focus. It’s at the Garden through March 12 and is free with garden admission. Meet the photographers at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Feb. 28 from 2 to 5 p.m.

Community Gardens

Coming up with a great idea isn’t that hard to do. Many of us come up with great ideas on a daily basis. It’s the implementation process of those great ideas that is actually the hard part. That’s the reason … Continued