Best Peach Cobbler Recipe

One of the best things about spring and early summer is the fresh strawberries and peaches. By the time you read this, strawberries will be pretty much finished, but peaches (and black berries) will be in full force! Here’s the best … Continued

Home Is Where Your Morning Mug Is

WRITTEN BY BEN DUNGAN / PHOTOGRAPHY BY RICK HAITHCOX People love coffee. Or maybe they love what coffee does, rather than what actually coffee is. Let’s face it. It’s not an easy taste to get behind initially. Somewhere along the way, … Continued

Gaston County Welcomes Awaken Gallery

WRITTEN BY DAVID HAMRICK We are talking today with Emily Andress, owner of Awaken Gallery in Mount Holly. GA: So this story begins with a big brick box… Emily: Literally, that was all it was. No floors, no electricity, no … Continued

Fresh From The Furniture Market

WRITTEN BY NAN BRIDGEMAN I have returned from the spring furniture market and my mind is brimming with fresh ideas. When I go to market, I am just like you…. trying to buy what I think is wonderful and stay … Continued

Slow Down, See More

WRITTEN BY BEN DUNGAN / PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALEXANDRA LOVE I was told the other day that I drive like an old man. Which may be true. However, the difference between me and an old man is that I choose to … Continued